You Seen Her ?

You Seen Her ?


Online dating ? Forget About It!

If I were asked, eh johnny! What you Looking For?
I would say “what you mean?

You know, in a girl! What you looking for, what you want out if it?

“Well …” my reply would begin


I need a partner, someone to hang with, someone whose got goals and I can be a #guide for her to completion. She is rich enough to buy what she desires, but humble enough to accept what I bring to her. Smart enough to know snakes from friends and wise enough to know where to place partner among friends. A good Heart that waking up next to her makes me Praise God, though humble in her actions to keep a trick from tricking.


Spell It Out!

Physically, she is in a good enough shape for me to be able to #cradle her. Just about my height with them heels, so without’em she looks just right.



A culture other than what I have been raised in, so I could learn new knowledge. Although in the matters of making family, it is conformity that the elders recommend.



Believe in the Absolute Singularity of God and the actuality of The Day of Judgement. The finer details can be relegated to better conversations, and to walk away is an option always available.



Agree to a covenant so we can go at it!
I really do want it to be different than the past before, kids are an option with marriage before.

What Do I Have To Offer

Just Guidance. And all that I like.


Terms & Conditions

  • Belief in Absolute Singularity of God and the Day of Judgement
  • Not to have Sexual Relations with Anyone
  • Not to Slander ( invented between arms and legs )
  • Not to Steal
  • Not to Get an Abortion
  • In a matter of disagreement, either openly separate or genuinely follow


Life is but a Day Granted.
Spend it Wisely, Happily, and without Regrets