Would You Kneel

Would You Kneel

If a seed rose inside you, would you kneel ?
Would you wonder where that one came from and how ?

If you say, I Will Kneel, that is important
If you answer, how can I be sure !?
It will keep the meeting from happening
Like people busy rushing back and forth, murmuring,
Now I know! no! do I know now ?

Have you seen a mule with its eyes covered
Turn and walk one way, then turn and walk another

Be silent and revolve with no will
Do not raise your hand to ask anything

Holy one, sitting in the well like Joseph
A rope is there in front of you, lift your hand to that

A blind man has bought you for 18 counterfeit coins
Empty metal cups cluck together
Then the full moon slides out of hiding

Make one gesture, please
You are the precious flower that the sickle spares,
Not the wheat plant Adam ate

This to remind you with poems
So you may dress in the flowers of God
Not your little clothes of self accusations