The Winter Sun

The Winter Sun

A sight of delight
Far from perfect
Though her curves I would bite,
She says its been three months
Since our last encounter, I guess she cares … <3

A random moment
Like a bait to a fish
She drew me in
And since I’ve been with

Over here and there
Like catNmouse play
We exchange information
Though dare not let the heart say …

She comes and goes
Like a Winter Sun
Her presence creates warmth
Then leaves leaving a cold burn

She stretches and bends
Trying to wander my eyes
But hey Polish woman
I’m a man of Height

Though the heart does desire
To stare at thine bosoms
Then I remember like a whisper from Christ
“Boy if it ain’t yours, don’t let’em”

So I remain affixed to your eyes
Showing the worth of my heart
Some call it soul, some call it pride,
For you, it could be the sun that heats you at night,

O strangers of three months,
Better sooner than later
That we come to a common path,

have we met before, or are you Polish ?

PS: those specs are a wonder, though without it is the same! Trust Me!