Dundas Square

Dundas Square

like some bloody poet being inspired

Sitting on the edge of a square
Of a city full of capital
Surrounded by eyes full of desires
Each asking for its requital

The sun is bright
Though the people seem like zombies
Their is motion
With emptiness inside

Perhaps this is how I feel
And I see it reflect on others
I know I am aLoan
Why is she looking for the other

That weird glimmer in their eyes
Like the ads that surrounds
hoping to come and purchase
Pay the price and be bound

Truly this city is inhabited by poverty
Could be the poverty of wealth or just values
Doesnt take much to see what lays hidden inside
Though most make opinions from seeing the thin shells

Hustlin and bustlin is the row of many
With longing hearts worn in their eyes
Why do they care so much for what the others think
When you think not much inside

Weird little cycle like a cyclone swooning on them all
What is it that you are in search off
This is all that their is
What is lacking is the understanding,  the content is all there

It Hurts

It Hurts

I don’t know why but it hurts
I wanted her to keep me just to herself
But she chose to share
I thought she was my confidant
But her confidant was Another

Now she has moved on
And it hurts
I don’t want her back
But being alone does hurt

All the best to you past love
To the one I once chose to love
Will I find love again
Till the question remains, will it hurt?

I wish I could talk to you
But you are not whom I thought you were
Do I wish to be that fool
The fool that I once was

O God why it hurts
Is it just a natures way
Redeeming the past
That sweet-bitter past that has gone away

My hurt is just loneliness
Your images are just a tease
If you ever got to know me
You should know I don’t chase
You wanted a sucka for love
And it seems you got one

By God I wish you all the best
Have that family life you wanted
We were happy with the relationship we had
Any more than that is a sacrifice I still cant reason

I honestly wish I could have that heartfelt talk with you
But you are not whom I thought you were
So writing words to empty space to let out
Pain that is as confusing as some say I am

I am hurt because you got a replacement yet I have to wait

Mystery of Coincidence

Mystery of Coincidence

sitting silently staring at an empty chair
wondering how her pale skin would look in the midnight moonlight
is it really a coincidence if it keeps happening
even a rat in a maze learns after numerous tries
again and again same trials placed affront
different face, different ethnicity, different size, but the same trick 101
once you realize you cannot be defeated, comes the urge to be defeated
a man who seeks wisdom desires a nemesis who can out smart him
a man who seeks knowledge would walk in the path of darkness
and a man who can seek no more, would prefer confinement of a cage than to a land of emptiness


land of the free is it
freedom of choice is it
what you desire you can seek, is it
it is what it is, is it!


can they see how a man see’s
can a man see how they see
we live in the same world
though what is perceived differs
that coincidence is well planning
but how well can one plan with the sight given
lest the sight be of a different measure
for IT says “they can see you from where you cannot”
granted -that- gives you the foresight to create what seems as a coincidence to a man
but what keeps you from hooking this fish, when this fish itself is seeking to be hooked
just say “HI” and its on,
you need not create co-incidence, or are you not allowed to approach


how can I pick one from all, when they all are the same
or at least trick me like the last one did
for that virgin romeo is long dead
killed by that high school sweet heart
one that gave me my first head
made me realize what love for a woman truly is
and then the three other ladies that trailed after confirmed That Is What It Is
though a heart still lives, waiting to be tricked in, like the last one did
a lil nirvana with the persuasion of the trusted ones
one way and another they showed me to be the submitted one
in my reality she was under my right hand
to the people of the sun, ’tis was I who fell to her whim


the right weight, right height, right size, having her under my right hand
was a good right write

so the invisible ones working for good
I may not submit but the Sun can be tricked
to form a union of love by choice
to build a better man to better a woman
so the progeny can see by example
to keep this society from wandering in sin
what you see as love and what love is, is harshly different
the outcome of the two is two different religions
or cultures, or a way of life
ask her, was I different? even the pain led to better pleasure
that is love, hardly a coincidence, only a choice

We Upgraded You

We Upgraded You

you were a little abused flower, living in filth
you provided what only a female can to a man
and in return we gave you what no one had

you saw lights, you saw glamour
you saw the heights, you felt fame
all for that little covenant that we played as a game

you were no eye candy
you were no beauty of sight
you were no face to die for
you were no lady to show off at night
all for that little truth that you agreed to
we gave you much for a valued price

losing you is not what bothers us
losing a female to love is what concerns us
you were something, and we led you to better
what you are now, has to do with us
silly woman we upgraded you

your little mind
got the best of you
you started thinking
who is blessing who
but the fact that remains
will come forth
the sisterhood of yours
is the devil in sport
them fat chicks, are getting no love
and now you chose to join their club
silly woman, we upgraded you

they can’t get it
they know that
they have you deceived
if you knew that

move on, move forth
so be it
the truth is and shall remain
a face replaces a face
so be it

making it simple
is our goal
and God always has better plans
so this has to be so

but please young lady
don’t fool your self
we Chose to love you
without that choice you are just another what !?

We Upgraded You
though this day was perceived
when that head on your shoulder will Believe
to become from nothing to something was the goal
that something is achieved
so its time to roll

just remember love, We Upgraded You!