what have you made

what have you made

anger makes my eye teary
patience brings a smile to my face
o God of Christ what have you made

everything seems connected
like i am that one soul undefeated
o God of Christ what have you made

so this is the essence of life
this is the big scare
o God of Christ what have you made

they say the sacrifice is for the millions to come
as if it is the affections of the millions i live for
o God of Christ what have you made

poisoned by own home
denied by my own country
o God of Christ what have you made

c’est comme un jour
i guess elles like to see me burn
o God of Christ what have you made

i am tired, let me fall asleep
even in my dreams they come to see me
o God of Christ what have you made

i chose to love her like no other
and she chose to be the salt on my wounds
o God of Christ what have you made

to what end
all that is left is me and the whisperers
o God of Christ what have you made

how can I blame marijuana for my belief
when it is The Book that is root of this end
o God of Christ what have you made

let me cry, let me cry
for the cup is full
o God of Christ what have you made




why do i have this affection
with this old lady on the dollar bill
last I checked
it was D on NB that has been paying my bills

they say i was born subjected to her
so she is my queeen
I take it as a Will of God
for being born decades earlier, ’tis Victoria I would have seen

nevertheless their is some affection
for I do sincerely from the heart
pray for her #perfection

now her being a brit
to me is a quib for the brits
for Christ Mohd was an arab
should i care for the arab fibs!
heck I don’t even see my own ethnics
like the adopted of the Pharaoh
they were slaved in tyranny
these paks are driving in pajeros

nevertheless their is sincere affection
may God guide the Queen
and may God bless this land to the righteous and the clean

that was ideal

that was ideal

walking to her place with more excitement than a jeans could handle
moment she open the door, she knew it was on
i would ask her that secret question
and she would blush and nod in affirmation
never had i thought, that could be like that
it was fantasies coming true with eyes wide open

again and again those moments come to mind
like a clip on a repeat setting that just wont end
though it certainly did end
like all good things
as the memories fade away
let us see what tomorrow brings

… though truly that was ideal

Creep, they may say

Creep, they may say

beautiful, I would be a fool to insult you
I only want them to know what makes you so pretty
photo genesis might get the likes
but it is the sincerity I see in your eyes that keeps me coming back
i do apologize for being too forward
though I did warn of the impatience, a man is

ahh what a ray of light you are starting to become
though God has made me brave the darkness

every time i see you, i feel like a child
seeing that smile on your face makes me wanna stay a while
though a voice keeps reminding I am being a fool
ha, and the age difference, the other day this old lady was counting my white hair, too
truth be told, their seems more to this than just me pertaining a chase
with the audience, you seem to be enjoying while effectively setting the pace


sari na, sarin aa, sa ri na … why waste those three words more commonly said than understood.
I do need to learn to nourish this, cause aside from meNu, THEY might only be init for their entertainment
And no! no no! experience says arrogance only brings about the downfall
so nxt time convince them to only let you #sit with me for a while

precious u have gotten me… for now!
the old fool though not a creep, well not entirely


a poet or anything close would do better. I just like the words to rhyme, like sweet melodies, composed as prose.

I wonder

I wonder

I wonder when did it all change…

when did I become convinced against my own
when did life become this new thorn
gone are the old tribulations
cometh has another scorn

I dont know if I was lonley before
or am I lonley now
I had friends before
though I am more confident now

I know I make a splash
to where ever I routine
they like to see me smile
as if they cared to be seen

when did life become this anomaly
a riddle half solved
I used to ponder over coincidence
now I know about being a pawn

though I do keep getting tested
and though a save is being made more often
that pluck of a lash or pulling on those brows
is it DNA being pulled for precaution ?

they wonder what a spirit is
and what is the role of a soul
I wonder when these questions
became so much more

I keep thinking I keep wondering
seeing life in different lens
that whole her-him battle
is making a lot more sense

jinns and man
sitting on a tree
I wonder what a hue and huMan is
I wonder why, why wonder I

I moved on from that ‘money solves all problems’
and I see more than ‘why all this’
life though lived by all on the same ground
has different meaning depending on your bliss

I wonder when did entrapment start setting in
I wonder when I started feeling so free
I wonder if I would ever find
those who wonder like me …

Gone To Sleep

Gone To Sleep

stay up at nights
and sleep during the day
confine to my house
because the cold wont go away

not a soul to trust
and their is so much to tell
a day passes a day
and I remain in this … =B


what is life
what is to be done
learn learn learn
and then what

I am tired
and intoxication is a sin
keep passing time
to some feared end

I want to let it all go
but All wont let me go
I do wonder about myself
would I really act if That moment came


I dream about my death
from some suckers hand
like the two sons of adam
the killer destined himself to hell
and sent the killed to a better end

come get at me dog
you think this is the rule of law
a blinded woman holding a scale
to determine what is God?


day after day
the sun rises and the sun sets
I get paid and I pay bills
and you suckers still cant figure out the test

I feel I have retired
and by God I have
and I assure you the life promised by her
is worst than what you have

I know they wonder about my secrets
but this is well planned out
words hide words
until that promised day comes

I live with the devils
they are relatives
and it is because of what I have known
they can be trusted

so a day passes a day
and time goes by
now is winter and then shall come spring
and on the new moon I shall get High!

… i did

The Winter Sun

The Winter Sun

A sight of delight
Far from perfect
Though her curves I would bite,
She says its been three months
Since our last encounter, I guess she cares … <3

A random moment
Like a bait to a fish
She drew me in
And since I’ve been with

Over here and there
Like catNmouse play
We exchange information
Though dare not let the heart say …

She comes and goes
Like a Winter Sun
Her presence creates warmth
Then leaves leaving a cold burn

She stretches and bends
Trying to wander my eyes
But hey Polish woman
I’m a man of Height

Though the heart does desire
To stare at thine bosoms
Then I remember like a whisper from Christ
“Boy if it ain’t yours, don’t let’em”

So I remain affixed to your eyes
Showing the worth of my heart
Some call it soul, some call it pride,
For you, it could be the sun that heats you at night,

O strangers of three months,
Better sooner than later
That we come to a common path,

have we met before, or are you Polish ?

PS: those specs are a wonder, though without it is the same! Trust Me!

I Do Want To Love

I Do Want To Love

You cant help but trick
But u still want me to smile
Expect me to give you a tip
For acting like some pathetic child

Every fuckin day
Its the same shyt
Wake up to a bitch
Walk in to a bitch
Have my attention snatch to a bitch

How can they all be the same
Even the nasty lookin africans playing the same game
With dark skin, light is hardly seen
Then put a mask of a bitch and expect to look maybelline

Even them blancho bitches look disgust with all that fat
Please know having a big ass is only a fags fad
show me one fool that want to fuck his own mother
Try to realize that bitch u chose as a guide is already assigned to go under

I am in a prison full of tricks
I am not looking for love just solace and live
But their are so many of these tricks
Feels like a 3rd world country
Cant find a cave
So I sit alone in a dark room

Wonder how I came to consider my own mother a …
Even if God is testing, to what extent is this?
If I am wrong then perish me already
Their is nothing in this world that I desire to live for

If you tricks cant change than fuck off
Even Joseph got lucky being sent to prison
If I was a prophet than know you all are doomed
If not, then go on punishing me for my crime

I am not fit for this world
Fraps n freds to go the day by
Fake smiling so much even I dont know whats a lie
All these old or fat witches in Red
Same annoying shyt, eat bread, shyt bread …

Though why does the heart tremble
When seeing somewhat of a beauty
Though I can walk the dark streets
Why does seeing a beautiful woman makes me tremble

They seemed just as scared or annoyed
What is it that makes it difficult
I can easily talk to a gay dude and their mind works the same
Why does the sight of a beauty gets me momentarily stunned
Ugly and fat chicks just annoy me, beautiful ones get me tamed

Its that ‘want’ to look that bothers
Staring at someone for their beauty seems wrong
In a picture I can slide that
But when itz live, I cant hide that
That mixed feeling of want to and shouldn’t
Ticks me off cause of that dilemma of would or wouldn’t

If that beauty was claimed their for me to look at
Than it would be much easier,
Like a woman under a right hand
Justified to gaze at her figure

But until its made official,
That easiness can only exist in current
Behind a screen where life is fixed


At the end of it all
I am alone stuck with a mother
A woman justifiably worried for her well being
No living assurance for her
Being a slave from one house to another
“Must show hate to the one that loves
Or lose it all you weak being”
How sad your life is
With no assurance than to be the devil
And even with that its not a Heaven
Scarcely enjoy the fruits for being with 7
But ur heart and mind are forever chained
Forbidden to love or show any true affection
What contract have you signed mother
Do u not believe in the real heaven

Break free while you can
Even their promise of torture is only a lie
The real torture is the life you are living
Being suspicious of the one you fed
Because you committed acts that rather not be said

Whats done is by gone
Though the wounds still remain
You still want to be my only one
After all you have become?

What would make you believe
That I am thinking of your better interest
Maybe when you start to think the same of me

Its a sad life mother
You should know that better than me
I want the same for you as what you want for yourself

When will you learn to trust
Or start to act trustworthy
Telling me lies to know whats in my heart
Woman I always told the truth even now when I “lie”
Though I can see your lies
Like the shaking tail of the devil
You chose hell, soon time will come to surrender

Sooner or later, my peace is guaranteed
Be at the hands of the red, or chastisement of God
Sooner or later, peace is guaranteed