John, Mary, and Jesus

John, Mary, and Jesus


God did choose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of Imran above all people. Offspring one of the other, and God Hears and Knows all things

Wife of Imran said,
My Lord! I do dedicate to You what is in my womb for your special service. So accept this of me, for You hear and know all things.

When she delivered, she said,
My Lord! I have given birth to a female child

and God knew better what she gave birth to

and is not the male like the female. I have named her Mary, and I commend her and her offspring to Your protection from Satan the Rejected

Graciously did her Lord accept her: IT made her child grow in purity and beauty.
Zack-ariya was assigned to take care of her.
Every time he entered her room to see her, he found her supplied with all that she needed


Zack-ariya said,
Mary! How did all this come to you?

Mary said,
From God! for God Provides everything to whom IT Pleases, without measure

then Zack-ariya prayed to his Lord

My Lord, indeed my bones have weakened, and my head is filled with white hair, and never do I want to be ungrateful to You, my Lord.
I fear of the succession after me, and my wife has been barren, so give me from Yourself an heir of your representation in my family.
Who will inherit what is ours and inherit from the family of Jacob. And make him, my Lord, pleasing.

My Lord! Grant me from yourself an inheritor who is Pure, for You are IT that hears Prayers

while he was standing in prayer in the chamber, the angels called to him,
O Zachariya, indeed We give you good news of a boy whose name will be John. A name have not assigned to soul before. Confirming the Truth of the Book of God, and noble and chaste, and a Prophet, from among the company of the righteous

He Said, My Lord! how can I have a son, I am old and my wife is barren?

It Is So, your Lord says, It is easy for Me, for I created you before, while you were nothing.
God Accomplishes What IT Wishes

He said,
My Lord! Give me a Sign!

your Sign shall be that you shall not be able to speak to any man for Three Days except by sign language.
So Celebrate the Praise of Your Lord, again and again, and Glorify IT, in the Evening and in the Morning

So he came out to his people from the prayer chamber and signaled to them to establish worship service in the morning and evening

“Aeh John, take the Scripture with Determination”

And We gave him Wisdom, as a Youth
And affection from Us and purity, and he stayed in remembrance of God
And dutiful to his parents, and he was not a disobedient arrogant
And was kind to his parents, and he was not overbearing or rebellious

And Peace be upon him the Day he was Born, the Day he Dies and the Day he is Resurrected

when when Mary got older, she withdrew from her family to a place toward the east.
Where she secluded herself from her family and the people.

We sent to her Our Angel, and he appeared to her as a man in all respects.
She said, “From you, I do seek refuge in the Most Merciful. You should fear God.”

the angel said,
I am only a messenger of your Lord, to give you a gift of a pure male.
Mary! God has purified you and chosen you above the women of all the nations
Worship your Lord devoutly, humble yourself, and bow down in prayers with those who bow down
God gives you the Good News of a Christ as your son. His name will be Jesus the Son of Mary.
Held in Honor in this World, the Hereafter, and with those Nearest to God
He shall speak to the people in childhood and in maturity, and he shall be of the Righteous.

She said, “How can I have a child while no man has ever touched me and I Have Been Chaste?”

the angel said,
It Is So. Your Lord says, It is easy for Me,
God creates what God wills, when It has decided on a matter, It but says ‘BE’ and it is
and God will teach him the Scripture, and grant Wisdom
and appoint him the Messenger to the Children of Israel

and We will make him a Sign to the People
and a Mercy from Us.
And It Is A Matter Decided.

So she conceived, and she withdrew to a remote place in the east
And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm tree

She said
Oh, I wish I had died before this and was in oblivion, forgotten

A voice called to her from beneath the tree
Do not be sad, for your Lord has provided a stream beneath you
And shake towards yourself the trunk of the palm tree
It will drop upon you, fresh ripe dates
So eat and drink and be content
And if you see anyone from among the humanity, say
‘I have vowed abstention to the Most Merciful, so I will not converse with anyone’

then she brought the child to her people, carrying him

they said,
Ugh, Mary you have certainly done something unexpected.
Oh Sister of Aaron, your father was not an evil man, nor was your mother unchaste, why?

she pointed to the child,

they said,
how can we speak to a child who still crawls?

the child said
Indeed! I am a Servant of God.
God has granted me the Scripture and made me a Prophet.

And God has made me a blessing wherever I am
and has assigned upon me prayer and charity as long as I remain alive
and to be dutiful to my mother, and to Not be on others Overbearing or a Misery
And Peace is on me the Day I Born and the day I Die and the day I Resurrect



That is Jesus, the son of Mary – the word of truth about which People are in dispute.
It is not suitable for God to take a son; exalted is God! When IT decrees an affair, IT only says of it, “BE” and it is!

And indeed, God is my Lord and your Lord, so worship IT. That is the correct path.
A Similitude of Jesus before God is as that of Adam; IT created Adam from dust then said to him “BE” and he was.

The factions differed from among the People, so a curse is on those who disbelieve, a punishment of a Tremendous Day. How they will hear and see that Day. When they come to Us, the wrongdoers that day would know they are were in clear error.

And be warned of the Day of Regret, when the matter would have been Judged upon, and when they are in heedlessness, and do not believe.

indeed, it is the righteous who will inherit the earth and whatsoever is on it, and to God is our return

The Sleepers

The Sleepers

… and did you think that the Companions of the Cave and the Inscriptions were, among signs, a wonder?


A group of youth retreated to a cave and prayed, “Our Lord, grant us from Yourself mercy and prepare for us from our affairs a Right Guidance.” So a sleep was cast over their senses, and they remained therein protected.  After some time they were awakened to see which of the two factions among them was most precise in calculating how long they had remained sleep.

They were youths who believed in their Lord, and were increased in status. And their hearts were made strong when they stood up and said, “Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the Earth. Never will we associate anyone with our Lord. We would be ignorant to do that! Our nation has taken up ideas other than what God has Advised. Why do they not bring for their ideas, a clear proof? And who is more untrustworthy than those who #front Truth with a lie?

They were inspired to retreat to a cave,

“And when you have withdrawn from them and that which they worship other than God, retreat to the cave. Your Lord will spread out for you, mercy, and will prepare for you to facilitate your affairs.”

And, you would see the sun when it rose, inclining away from their cave on the right
and when it set, passing away from them on the left, while they were within, in an open space
That was from the orders of God
One whom God guides is the one guided, but one whom God leaves to wander…
never will you find for them a beneficial guide
And if you saw them, you would think they were awake, while they were asleep
And they were turned to their right and to their left, while their dog stretched forelegs at the entrance
If you had looked at them, you would have been made scared, and made to run away!


And just like that, after sufficient time had passed, they were awakened so that they might question one another.

Said one of them, “How long have have we been here for?”silverCoin
They figured, “We have remained a day or part of a day, though it is God who would know exactly how long we have remained.” They decided to send one with a silver coin to the city to bring the best food available, and to remain cautious to not let anyone be aware of their situation.
They thought, they would get killed or made to follow their ways of life. And never would they succeed in following their way!

God ensured that they were known to the people, so the people may believe that the promise of God is True, and that their can be no doubt about the Hour of Judgment.  The people then disputed about this affair and some said “Construct over there a structure” and those who prevailed decided to build a place of worship above that cave.


Other people who know about this story would say, there were three, the fourth of them being their dog. Yet others will say there were five, the sixth of them being their dog – guessing about what they have not seen.
Say there were seven, and the eighth of them was their dog. Say that it is my Lord who knows their exact number.
And none knows the exact numbers except a few. So do not argue about this matter except what is obvious, and do not inquire about them with just anyone!

And never say of anything, “For sure, I Will Do That Tomorrow”
Except by adding, “By God” And remember your Lord if you forget that, by praying
Perhaps my Lord will guide me to what is better than this to right way


They Stayed In That Cave for Three Hundred and Nine Years


God knows best, how long they stayed: with God is the secrets of the heavens and the earth: how clearly God sees, how finely God hears. You have no protector other than God; and God does not share Command with any one!
Story of Joseph (Parte Tres) + Analysis

Story of Joseph (Parte Tres) + Analysis

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When the caravan left Egypt, their father, Jacob,  back at their home said,
“I do indeed scent the presence of Joseph, No! Don’t think of me as an old fool!”

They said, “By God! truly you are in your old age of a wandering mind.”


Then when the bearer of the good news came, He cast the shirt over the face of Jacob, and Jacob at that moment regained clear sight.


Jacob said, “Did I not say to you, ‘I know from God that which you do not know!'”

They said, “Our father! ask for us forgiveness of our sins, for we were truly at fault.”

He said, “Soon will I ask my Lord for forgiveness for you: for God is indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”


Then when they entered the presence of Joseph, he provided a home for his parents with himself


and Joseph said: “Enter Egypt  in safety if it please God.”

And Joseph raised his parents high on the throne , and they all fell down in prostration, his whole family before him.

Joseph said, “My father! this is the fulfillment of my vision of old! God has made it come true! God was indeed good to me when IT took me out of prison and brought you out of the desert, after Satan had sown enmity between me and my brothers…

Verily my Lord understands best the mysteries of all that IT Plans to do, for verily God is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom. O my Lord! You have indeed Blessed on me certain power, and taught me something of the interpretation of dreams and events. Creator of the Heavens and the Earth! You are my Protector in this world and in the Hereafter. Take my soul as one submitting to Your Will  and unite me with the Righteous.”



- finito






About Dreams

How a remembered #vision can take a lifetime to fulfill. When Joseph was young he told his dad (Jacob) that he had a vision/dream that the 11 stars/planets and the sun and the moon were bowing down to him, and his dad told him to not tell his siblings about it, fore they might plan against him. The reason he gave was that Satan is to a man an enemy to avoid.
And then in the prime of his life, Joseph got to see his vision fulfilled. A whole Lifetime was spent from being thrown in the well, to being raised in the City by a wealthy man, to being thrown in the Jail, and then when he would have reached middle age, he got to see the fulfillment of a dream he had when he was a child!

It goes to show that dreams could have some meaning, especially if remembered throughout your life.


About Following the Law of the Land

Recall the Part about God explaining how for Joseph to be allowed to keep his lil brother, that lil #shahNANIgun of placing the Kings Cup in Josephs’ brothers’ sac was needed! So then when searched by the local authorities and finding it in his lil brothers sac, Joseph was allowed to retain his lil brother. Although the retainment was for being accused of theft, in essence God had set that up so Josephs’ lil brother can stay with Joseph.

Joseph could not have kept his brother back on his own, due to the Law of the Land. So for Joseph, a vouched #goodfella who followed the law, for him when special attention was needed, IT just happened! And Joseph got to have what he desired and he did not have to break any laws!



About Women Rights

In this case, a group of women, who were established in the city and of high society were by their Will, able to have an innocent man jailed, only because he wanted to remain true to himself, and not subjected to their illicit desires.

With our contemporary society, where Women Rights’ is still an issue. This goes to show that Feminism if taken extreme, could lead to similar injustice, as many women have been subjected to in a extremely male dominated society.

I hope this can be seen as a fair warning towards an extreme feminist society.



Seeing the Positive in Negative

For Joesph, his own siblings became his worst enemy. Although everything that seems negative taking place was only working out to his benefit. Had the siblings not thrown Joseph in the well, he wouldn’t have been bought by the Egyptians and be cultured and educated in a way that would’ve been much rescinded from living in a desert. So because of that downfall into the well and then being bought by the Egyptians, he was educated and cultured in a cultivated upper society.

Then Joseph being tossed in Jail showed his humility and the patience of his soul. To accept jail than to be the illicit prey of the Ladies of Egypt. This goes to show you always have a choice to walk away from wrong, even if in this case being walking away to a jail.
Then when acknowledged by the king, it was easy for the King to give Joseph honor and give him establishment in Egypt. Simply from the virtue that Joseph had showed by being consistent in staying true to his morals, it was easy for the King to place Joseph in his inner circle.


This is one interesting story if you believe and are of those who heed towards righteousness. It has many lessons to learn from, and few are listed above. Overall, the main essence of any story is to be able to learn from it, and one can truly learn from it, if they believe such a story is factual and true.  Now if you are someone who thinks of this as some tale of the old, even then you could see how the “Magic of God” works: From being an inhabitant of the dessert to being an adopted son of a well to do City dwellers. From a jail cell to being in the inner circle of the King.
When people say God works in mysterious ways, well this is one of those mysterious ways.

Learn and Heed!

Story of Joseph (Parte Dos)

Story of Joseph (Parte Dos)

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After some time had passed …

The king said,
“I saw seven fat cows, whom seven lean ones ate, and seven green ears of corn, and seven other dried. My Council! Explain to me my dream if you can interpret dreams.”
They said,
“A confused medley of dreams, and we are not skilled in the interpretation of dreams!”
But the man who had been released, one of the two from prison and who now remembered Joseph after a space of time, said,
“I will tell you the truth of its meaning, send me to visit the prision.”

“Joseph! Man of Truth! Explain to me a vision of seven fat cows whom seven lean ones devour, and of seven green ears of corn and seven others dried up. Explain, so that I may return to the council, and that they may understand.”
Joseph said,
“For seven years the people will diligently sow as they desire, and the harvests that they reap, they will leave them in the ear, except a little, of which they shall eat. Then will come after that seven dreadful years, which will deplete what they have kept in reserve for themselves, except a little which they have guarded. Then will come after that a period in which the people will have abundant water, and in which they will make oil and wine.”

Upon hearing the meaning of the vision, the king said, “Bring him to me.”
But when the messenger came to him, Joseph said,
“Go back to your king, and ask him, ‘What is the state of mind of the ladies who cut their hands’? For my king is certainly well aware of their attraction.”
The king asked them,
“What was your affair when you did try to seduce Joseph against his will?”
The ladies said,
“God preserve us! no evil do we know against him!”
The wife of the guardian of Joseph said,
“Now the truth is known to all: it was I who tried to seduce him against his will, he is indeed of those who are honest and virtuous. This I say, in order that he may know that I have never been false to him in his absence, and that God will never guide the attraction of the evil ones. I also do not absolve my self, the nature of desire is certainly prone to evil unless my Lord does bestow IT’s Mercy. But surely my Lord is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”

The king said,
“Bring him to me, I will make him special to serve about my own people.”
Therefore when the king spoke to Joseph, the king said,
“Be assured this day, you are of high standings with us, invested with all the trust.”
Joseph requested,
“Set me over the reserves of the land: I am a good keeper, knowledgeable”


Thus did did God established power to Joseph in the land, to take possession therein as, when, or where he found necessary. God grants Mercy on whom IT pleases, and God suffers not, to be lost, the reward of those who do good.
But without a doubt, the reward of the Hereafter is the best, for those who believe, and are constant in righteousness.


Then came Joseph’s siblings. They entered his presence, and he knew them, but they knew him not.
And when he had given them food for the stock-for-trade they brought, he said,
“Bring unto me a brother you have, of the same father as yourselves, can you not see that I pay out full measures, and that I do provide the best hospitality? Now if you bring him not to me, you shall have no measure of food from me, nor can you complain about me.”

They said,
“We shall certainly try to get him from his father: Indeed we shall do it.”

Then Joseph told his employees to put their stock-for-trade back into their saddle-bags, so they should know it only when they returned to their people, in order that would be more inclined to come back.

Now when they returned to their father, they said,
“O our father! No more measure of grain shall we get, unless you send our brother with us, that we may get our full measure, and we will indeed take every care of him.”

Jacob said,
“Shall I trust you with him with any result other than when I trusted you with his brother afore time? But God is the best to take care, and IT is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy!”

Then when they opened their baggage, they found their stock-for-trade had been returned to them. They said,
“O our father! What more can we desire? Our stock-for-trade has been returned to us: so we can get even more food for our family; We shall take care of our brother; and add a full camel’s load of food to our bags. This is but a small quantity.”

Jacob said,
“Never will I send him with you until you swear a solemn oath to me, in God’s name, that you will be sure to bring him back to me unless you are yourselves stuck behind.”
And when they had sworn their solemn oath, he said,
“Over all that we say, be God the Witness and Guardian!”
Further he said,
“My sons! enter not all by one gate: enter by different gates. Not that I can profit you in anything against God. None can command except God: On IT do I put my trust: and let all that trust, put their trust on God.”


And when they entered in the manner their father had enjoined, it did not profit them in the least against God: It only satisfied Jacob’s desire. For he was, by God, full of knowledge, but most men know not.


Now when they came into Joseph’s presence, he received his brother to stay with him. Joseph said to his brother,
“I am your own brother; so grieve not at all of their doings.”

At length when Joseph had furnished them forth with provisions for them, a drinking cup was placed into his brother’s saddle-bag. Then a crier shouted out,
“Oh You In The Caravan! You are Thieves!”
The siblings said, turning towards them: “What is it that you are missing?”
The crier said,
“We miss the great cup of the king; for him who produces it, is the reward of a camel load; I will be bound by it.”
The siblings said,
“By God! please know that we came not to make mischief in the land, and we are no thieves!”
The crier said,
“What then shall be the penalty, if you are proved to have lied?”
The siblings said,
“The penalty should be that he in whose saddle-bag it is found, should be held to atone for the crime. This is how we punish the wrong-doers!”

So crier began to search their baggage, before he came to the baggage of Josephs’ brother. And then he brought it out of his brother’s baggage.


Thus did God plan for Joseph. Joseph could not take his brother by the law of the king except that God willed it. God raises to degrees whom IT please: One endued with All Knowledge, the All-Knowing.


The siblings said,
“If he steals, there was a brother of his who did steal before.”
But the truth did Joseph kept locked in his heart, revealing not the secrets to them. He said,
“You are the worse situated; and God knows best the truth of what you assert!”
They said,
“O exalted one! he has a father, aged and venerable, who will grieve for him. So take one of us in his place, for we see that you are gracious in doing good.”
Joseph said,
“God forbid that we take other than him with whom we found our property: indeed, we would be acting unlawfully.”

Now when they saw no hope of him yielding, they held a conference in private. The elder among them said,
“You know that our father did take an oath from us in the name of God, and how, before this, we did fail in our duty with Joseph? Therefore I will not leave this land until my father permits me, or God commands me; and God is the Best to Command. You all, turn back to our father, and tell him what happened.

They returned and told Jacob,
“Your son committed theft! We bear witness only to what we know, and we could not well guard against the unseen!, Ask at the town where we have been and the caravan in which we returned, and you will know we are indeed telling the truth.”
Jacob said,
“No! but you have yourselves concocted a story that is good enough for you. So patience is most fitting for me. Maybe God will bring them both back to me . For God is indeed Full of Knowledge and Wisdom.”


And Jacob turned away from them, and said: “How great is my grief for Joseph!” And his eyes became white with sorrow, and he fell into silent melancholy.


The family of Jacob said,
“By God! will you stop remembering Joseph when you have reached the last extremity of illness, or until you die?!”
Jacob  said,
“I only complain of my distraction and anguish to God, and I know from God that which you know not. O my sons! go and inquire about Joseph and his brother, and never give up hope of God’s Soothing Mercy: truly no one despairs of God’s Soothing Mercy, except those who have no faith.”

Then, when they went back into Joseph’s presence, they said,
“O exalted one! distress has seized us and our family: we have brought but a little wealth: so pay us full measure, and treat it as charity to us, for God does reward the charitable.”
He said,
“Do you know how you dealt with Joseph and his brother, not knowing the consequences?”
They said,
“Are you indeed Joseph?”
He said,
“I am Joseph, and this is my brother: God has indeed been gracious to me. Know that One that is Righteous and Patient, Never Will God Let the Reward to be Lost, for those who do what is Righteous.”
They said,
“By God! indeed has God preferred you above us, and we certainly have been guilty of sin!”
Joseph said,
“This day you are forgiven by me and let no one reproach you for it. May God Forgive you, and God is the Most Merciful of those who show Mercy!” Go with my shirt and cast it over the face of my father, he will come to realized the reality. Then come here to me together with all of your family.”


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Story of Joseph (Parte Uno)

Story of Joseph (Parte Uno)

One day, Joseph said to his father Jacob

“O my father! I had a dream and I saw eleven stars and the sun and the moon: I saw them bowing themselves to me!”

Jacob replied “My little son! do not tell your brothers about your dream, or they will create a plot against you, and Satan is to a man an enemy to avoid! Perhaps your Lord will choose you and teach you the interpretations of dreams and perfect ITs’ favours to you and to your family, just as IT perfected it for your ancestors Abraham and Isaac before! for your Lord is full of Knowledge and Wisdom.”


In Joseph and his siblings is Wisdom for seekers of Reality!


Siblings of Joseph said among themselves,
“Joseph and his brother are loved more by our father than us: But we are a strong group! Our father is obviously in error! We should kill Joseph or cast him out to some far away land, so the favour of our father would be given to us alone: and then after we can work towards being righteous and good!”
Another one among them suggested,
“Don’t kill Joseph, but if you have to do something, throw him down to the bottom of the well: he will be picked up by some caravan of travelers.”

Then they went to Jacob and said,
“Our father! why do you not trust us with Joseph, we are indeed his sincere well-wishers? Send him with us tomorrow to enjoy himself and play, and we shall take every care of him.”
Jacob said,
“It really saddens me that you should take him away: I fear the wolf might take him while you are not paying attention to him.”
They said: “If the wolf is able to take him while we are a strong group, then we should indeed be the losers!”


The siblings did take Joseph away, and they all agreed to throw him down to the bottom of the well:
But God inspired Joseph with a belief to comfort his heart, ‘A Day will come when you will exact the truth of this from them while they do not know you


The siblings went back to Jacob in the early part of the night, crying!
They said,
“Our father! We went racing with one another, and left Joseph with our things; and the wolf took him. But you will never believe us even though we are telling the truth.”
They stained the shirt of Joseph with some false blood.
Jacob said,
“No! Your minds have made up a story that you feel okay with, but with me, patience is most fitting. Against that which you claim, it is God alone Whose Help can be sought!”


Then there came a caravan of travelers by the well in which was little Joseph. They sent their water-carrier and he let down his bucket into the well.
He said:
“Ah there! Good news! Here is a young boy!”
So they concealed him as a treasure! But God knew exactly all that they did! The caravan people sold Joseph for a miserable price, for a few coins counted out, in such low estimation did they think of him!
The man in Egypt who bought him, said to his wife:
“Make his stay honourable: maybe he will bring us much good, or we can adopt him as a son.”


This is how God established Joseph in the land, so that Joseph could be taught the interpretations of dreams. And God had full control over his affairs; but most among mankind do not know that.


When Joseph attained his full manhood, God gave him power and knowledge, for he was being gifted for doing what is right! But the woman in whose house he was, wanted to seduce him. She closed the doors, and said:
“Now come here, you!”
Joseph said,
“God Forbid! Your Husband is my guardian! He gave me a good home! No good comes to those who do wrong!”


And she really desired him, and he would have desired her, but  he understood why fornicating and adultery was wrong. God gave him that knowledge to turn him away from evil and shameful deeds, for he was one of the Chosen Servants, Sincere and Purified.

They both raced to the door, and she tore his shirt from the back. Finding her husband near the door. she said,Orazio_Gentileschi_002
“What is the punishment for one who forms an evil plan against your wife? Prison or a Cruel Punishment?”
Joseph said,
“It was her that wanted to seduce me, against my will”
And one of the household people saw and suggested,
“If his shirt is ripped from the front, then she is telling the truth and he is a liar! But if his shirt is torn from the back, then she is the liar and he is telling the truth!”
So when they saw the shirt of Joseph, and saw that it was torn from the back, her husband said to his wife,
“Wait! it is you who is wrong! Powerful is your attraction! Ask forgiveness for your sin, you are the one at fault!”
To Joseph he said,
“Joseph, let this go!”


Then the gossip in the City spread out,
“The wife of the prominent businessman is seeking to seduce her servant against his will. He has provoked her to be forceful in love: we see that she is going astray.”
When she heard of this gossip, she invited all the prominent Ladies of the City and prepared a banquet for them: she gave each of them a knife: and she told Joseph to come out in front of them. When they saw him, they were astonished, and in their amazement cut their hands!
They said,
“God Guide Us! no man is this! this is none other than a noble angel!”
The wife said,
“This is the man about whom you did blame me! I did try to seduce him against his will but he did stay firm and free of any guilt! And now, if he does not submit to my will, he will be thrown into prison, and be among the worst people!”

Joseph prayed,
“O God, I prefer the prison than that which they invite me to: Unless You turn their attraction away from me, I should eventually feel inclined towards them and be among the ignorant.”
His Lord listened to him, and turned their attractions away: For God Hears and Knows All. Then it occurred to the men in the city, after they had seen the signs, that it is better to imprison him for a time.
Now with him there came into the prison two young men.
Said one of them I had a dream,
“I see myself pressing wine.”
Said the other, I also had a dream,
“I see myself carrying bread on my head, and birds are eating from it.”
“Tell us!” They said,
“The truth and meaning of this, we have seen you act righteous to everyone”

Joseph said,
“Before the food comes to feed you, I shall tell to you the truth and meaning of these dreams you have had. This is part of my job for which my Lord has taught me. Try to understand, I have abandoned the ways of a people that believe not in God and that deny the Judgment Day and the Hereafter. And I follow the ways of my father and his fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Never could we attribute any partners whatsoever to God, with that, that comes as the Grace of God to us and to the people. Yet most people are ungrateful!
My two friends of this prison! Tell me, are many Lords differing among themselves better, or the One God, Supreme and Irresistible? If it is not God, you worship nothing but names which you have named, you and your predecessors, for which God has not sent down any authority. The Command is with none but God, IT has commanded that you worship none but IT. That is the right religion, but most people do not understand.

My friends about your dream! As to one of you, he will pour out the wine for his king to drink: as for the other, he will hang from the cross, and the birds will eat off his head. This has been decreed as the matter of which you inquired.” And of the two, to the one whom Joseph considered about to be saved, Joseph said, “Mention me to your king”


But Satan made him forget to mention him to his king: and so Joseph lingered in prison for another few years.


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