Frozen Kabob

Frozen Kabob

Last year, I admired wines
This, I am wandering inside the Sleeping Red and the Waking Green world

Last year, I gazed at the fire
This, I am frozen kabob

Thirst drove me down to the water
Where I drank the moon’s reflection

Now I am a lion
Staring up totally lost in love with itself

Do not ask questions about longing
Look at me a while

Soul-drunk, body-ruined,
Two sitting helplessly in a wrecked wagon
Neither knows how to fix

And my heart, I would say
A donkey sunk in a mud hole
Struggling and miring ever deeper

But do listen to me
For one moment, quit being sad,
Hear blessing dropping and blossoming around you.

It is God

Do You Wonder

Do You Wonder

my mother was destiny
my father grace
i am the prince of luck and fortune

if i meet a devil, he turns into an angel
if i am lowered into hell, it becomes heaven

a stony miser comes to me and starts giving his wealth away
‘do not offer me money’
‘i have a teacher whose fragrance brings statues to life’

for his face to appear,
your old aunt would leave your uncle of old

Do you wonder, if this story will ever finish
and, be given explanation
IT says, Yes!

Like This

Like This

If they asks you
How being in heaven would look,
Lift your face and say
Like this

If they mention the grace of the night sky
Dance on a roof, and say
Like this?

If they want to know what a spirit is, or the fragrance of God
Lean your head forward, face up close, and say
Like this

If they quote the old poetic images about clouds uncovering the moon,
Slowly unbutton your shirt, and loosen your belt, and whisper
Like This!

If they ask what it means to die for love,
Point to yourself

If they ask how tall I am
Frown and measure with your fingers the space between the creases of your forehead, and say
This tall

The soul leaves the body, then returns,
If they do not believe that,
Walk back into my house,
Like This!

When lovers moan, they are telling our story
Like This!

I am a sky where spirits live
Stare into the deepening blue
While the breeze whispers a secret
Like This!

How did Joseph’s scent come to Jacob
How did Jacob sight return?

A little wind cleans the eyes
Like This!

When he comes back from there
He will put his head around the edges of the door to surprise us,
Like This!

Would You Kneel

Would You Kneel

If a seed rose inside you, would you kneel ?
Would you wonder where that one came from and how ?

If you say, I Will Kneel, that is important
If you answer, how can I be sure !?
It will keep the meeting from happening
Like people busy rushing back and forth, murmuring,
Now I know! no! do I know now ?

Have you seen a mule with its eyes covered
Turn and walk one way, then turn and walk another

Be silent and revolve with no will
Do not raise your hand to ask anything

Holy one, sitting in the well like Joseph
A rope is there in front of you, lift your hand to that

A blind man has bought you for 18 counterfeit coins
Empty metal cups cluck together
Then the full moon slides out of hiding

Make one gesture, please
You are the precious flower that the sickle spares,
Not the wheat plant Adam ate

This to remind you with poems
So you may dress in the flowers of God
Not your little clothes of self accusations

Local Seed

Local Seed

Without you their is no joy in either worlds
No Fire, No Wonder

I often listen to the centre of my chest
And I hear much conversation their
Though lips do not move

You scatter compassion over me without asked
The pleasure of my eyesight
No likeness of you has ever appeared in the East or the West

Be lavish with the wine not made of grapes
Poured into glasses finer than a thin crystal

Help me walk out of my self-hood, my tired existence

You are the sun and the moon, all sustenance
Father and Mother, my only likeness,
Eternally manifested, refuge in-need

Six, leave your learning and culture
A civilization lives inside that being drawn

Listen, the best Seed comes from the Local
Though I would have known the taste of your soul
Had I never been in the Local of your presence

Prince Charming

Prince Charming

who turns bitterness to love
who changes the poisonous snake around your neck to pearls

the kind of king who makes a demon a sweetheart
turns a funeral into a feast
and, changes blindness from birth to world-beholding sight

who pulls the thorn from your palm
and puts a pillow of roses under your head
for one, he kindles fire
for the other, the flame blossoms to a tiara of flowers around the head

the same that lights the stars
helps those who cannot help anymore

what used to be thought of as sin
scatters off like fallen leaves
and disintegrate, completely forgiven

“amen” says “who”, joyous from inside and out
like a charming prince his presence is full of delight

a rapture that is in the hand and foot,
and reality for the soul

i send my love out now to ride the sunlight
and take this account of Him
to those waiting faithfully over There

The Mystery of the Way

The Mystery of the Way

the musician draws his hand across the strings
so that the waste-cases will come in off the street

those who have been waiting, start to work

the thieves of inner qualities, no longer threaten
they are brought to justice

the figures cannot read their own columns, of figures #AlgorithmTrading

friends call friends, to the secret cave #SpiritGrabriel2ChristMohd

saddle the nimble horses with gold-inlaid leather
let the pack horses continue with their loads

comfort the grieving
not those who think only of how to sell things
the sensuality they live for
are sharp points pushing into their flesh

those who walk into the fire feel refreshed #Moses2God
those who run to water burn themselves #pharaoh2Nile
remember the dusty face of Moses moving towards Light
remember Pharaoh parading into stupidity and humiliation

The Mystery of the Way
is the old trick of reversing horseshoes

Moses bends to pick up the stick,

IT is Alive!

Master at Love

Master at Love

if you could not feel tenderness and hurt

if you could live in the shelter without desire

and never be indignant


if you could take two steps away from the beautiful one

you want so much to lie down with

if you could trust that there is a spirit wife for you somewhere


a new, a jewel setting where when you sit down

you know here you have always wanted to be


if you could quit living here and go there

if you could remember clearly what you have done




but strong hooks hold you in this wind

so many people love you

you mix with the color and smell and the taste of your surroundings


master at love and leader of men

you cannot give up your public fascination

or your compassion of the dying


there is another compassion

that you do not know yet, but you may

when griefs disappear


it is a place

with no questioning thorns in the pasture grass


if you could remember that you are not a crow

but the mystic osprey that never needs to light

you could be walking there now with Your Companion