Genes and Formation of Character

Genes and Formation of Character

I have recently read a layman text on genes. So far, the main idea presented is the concept of DNA and Chromosomes. DNA is like an identity card unique to each individual and Chromosomes are categories within the DNA that define some attribute about the said DNA.

Question that the book and this science is trying to answer is how do Humans evolve? More importantly, what effects what in human evolution! Meaning, for a human born out of a human copulation, in that produce, what does the female copulate contribute and what does male copulate contribute to the born human?
Although other discoveries said to have been made, especially in the agriculture field. The seed of Crops and Vegetation being modified in a way to produce a better yield, making it more repulsive for produce fields to attract pest or other forms of insects that would otherwise destroy the produce.

The question of human evolution is what remains in debate. In the case of human beings, having the formula for creating a perfect or a better society still remains to be seen. The book mentions the case of isolating certain population, migrating them to live in remote areas, as that was seen as a way to preserve and progress beings thought of as superior than the average; only to see a result of a generation of degenerate human beings.

It seems that the contemporary Science still lacks a firm understanding of how nature works in developing a human form; physically and mentally.


The Question of Creation vs Evolution:

Answering this question requires understanding what the term “evolves” mean. Those who claim humans have evolved from Apes, claim that such an evolution came about on its own by a selection of survival of the fittest. The other side of the debate is that such an evolution did not come about, and humans were created; evolutionist vs creationist.

Using an analogy, to understand evolution and thus creation, is to understand in computers how did a tablet come about from a laptop. Or how did a laptop evolve from a desktop? Was the formation of a laptop from a desktop, a matter of “evolution”, where the feature that fit most survived and the rest were left behind. Or was laptop a matter of “creation”?

The point to reflect is that yes a human being has many similarities with other beings on Earth, especially apes perhaps. Just as a laptop shares many components with a desktop. Though each was created on its own but the creation of one from the other was evolved by observing each feature for its designated purpose.

To answer the question, an entity known as God, who has All Knowledge and All Wisdom and such, would have the capacity to build a creation from other creations. This much can be perceived by our own method of creating new devices from the evolution of the old. But to phantom that a new creation comes about by the natural selection of evolution is unlikely. An external source would have act as a bridge to make a laptop out of a desktop and similarly an external source would have to act as a bridge to make a human out of an ape.


Formation of Human Psychology and Physical Attribute

The understanding of Seed, emitted from a male, and placed inside a female.
How does it work? Does the seed of a man change as he himself changes? For example a male name Adam who is a blacksmith has a child, and then Adam has to train for a second career, lets say in Information Technology, and then he has another child. Would the first child have a natural tendency towards being a blacksmith versus the second child who would be a natural in both being a blacksmith and in Information Technology?

Does the DNA differ as a man grows and learns or adapts. The evolution theory conjures that most beings on animal evolve by adapting, how does that evolution take place? The same question can be asked about the female, if she is trained in new skills would her DNA change and would that effect the resultant child?

With diversity we can see what the physical outcome is for having a child from a copulation of diverse ethnicities. Mainly, it shows that in terms of physical look/attribute, it is mainly the mother side of the physical look that takes precedence. For instance, a European Woman copulating with an African Man would result in a child with mainly European physical traits, on the other hand, an African Woman copulating with a European man would result in a child with mainly African physical traits.

This goes to show that although man provides the seed, that living cell, it is the shell of an egg in which that seed is nurtured that is physically seen in the resultant child.

The question remains about the Psychological Traits of a child. How is that effected?

#intuition is that nurture plays the key role in building psychological traits. A child born in the royals would have to be nurtured as a royal to act like a royal, if that child for any reason is casted out or raised in a society distinct from #royals than the child would reflect the traits of that society. The notion of a son born of a king is a king by nature is impervious to reality. Their is a notion of a #soul making its reflection. With the thinking, that a child born off a noble soul would reflect nobility even if raised away from it’s originating society. Although such a notion is hardly tested in the scientific arena. Since the existence of soul is a matter of debate.


More on Nurture forming Psychological Traits

A similitude of the relation of nature and nurture, where nature is inherited in the seed; semen and mainly egg, and nurture is how the resultant birth is raised. Consider the Japanese Dwarf Plants, where the seed originally came from a normal tree but the nurture is controlled in a strict manner to produce a result different from the tree-of-seed. Taking that example, we can get an idea of how nature and nurture works. Nature is pre-defined norm, that produces what we have come to known as the natural environment, whereas nurture is the re-defined control over nature which produces a desired result.

Nurture on the other hands is the guidance on man. If you are raised on the streets you are most likely to end up in a lower to middle class job and life style (depending on the government you live under), on the other hand if you are from among the closed gate communities, than you are expected to be in a middle to upper class of the society. These predefined destinies have some to do with the seed but also the nurturing you were given. The better and more informed nurturing, the better class of society you would make it to.
Think of life as a closed circuit track full of obstacle, and each generation gets to go around it once. The more generations you are connected to, the more informed you are about the obstacles that would be laid in your path as you trend through that track of obstacles. On the other hand, if you are not part of any family than you experience in life would be similar to someone who is going through this track for the first time and would most probably suffer through all the obstacles.

Let me restate, take a family of three generations, the first generation had to go through all the obstacles and thus had the hardest life, the second generation, was able to be saved from some of the obstacle if they learned from the experience of the last generation and thus made it to a level of living standards built on the level established by the first generation. Furthermore, the third generation, if also learned from previous two, would benefit the most and suffer the least, because they get to build on what the previous two generations have established.

The key part is, maintaining that bridge among generations, in other words, maintaining that family bond so each subsequent generation can be #nurtured in a way to avoid the pit fall the previous generation had to suffer. Though their are limitations, namely to what extent can each generation be educated to keep progressing. What is normally seen from conventional history is that as each generation branches out, few of the branches fall off from their contemporary standard of living and are disconnected, while other branch would continue on building or at least sustaining their standard of living.


#intuition of the role of Soul

What is that role of the soul. The concept of soul only exist in theology, science does not, rather can not, accept it, because Science lacks any method of proving its existence. Theology, that is religion, seems to be for man only, where the goal is heaven, and heaven is laid with rivers of honey and wine with ‘fair woman with large eyes, the likeness of pearls well-protected’. If the final goal is enticing to man only, the concept of religion should entail man only, and thus the concept of soul should apply to man only. Which explains how a #true couple is considered to be one soul with two bodies.

A point to clarify, being male does not entail being a man. #Similar to what Plato says, their exists three sexes (forms of humans), Man, Female Woman, and a Male Woman. Where Plato refers to male woman as androgynies or hermaphrodites, and a male women copulating with a female woman could only produce a woman (male or female). Thus a man can only produce a man with a woman, this would imply, a soul-gene can only be created by another soul-gene, rather a soul-gene being expected from a gene-gene copulation.

When we speak of original sin, it is the soul that is altered by it, and thus when man commits certain acts against his soul, those acts are imprinted on his soul and are passed along to his progeny. Similar to the story of the two sons of Adam, where one kills the other.

hough an odd comparison, the notion of the Original Sin does seem to fit in with DNA and its ability to alter. Adam committed the Original Sin and through him his progeny shares in the burden. Is it because the effect of that sin had modified his DNA, and that DNA was transmitted through reproduction. Hence, as long as reproduction is from the same original DNA, the effect of the sin vis-a-vis the change in code will remain in every reproduction.
Now, this understanding is in-line with what the text mentions as how some diseases are transmitted via genetics and can be tracked before the birth of the child. Considering the effect of Sin to be a disease, it is thus transmitted from Adam to all of mankind. Since, their isn’t any other DNA pure of sin, the code cannot be altered to rid itself from the effects of the Original Sin.

Which brings us to the the birth of Christ Isa (Jesus), who is said to have replenish the Original Sin. By virtue of the belief that he was born to a virgin woman, Virgin Mary, and breathed with a Pure Soul. Hence, that seed though produced a human was pure in a manner how Adam was made before his committal of the Original Sin. Just as Adam was made pure of any sin and then he committed a sin, similarly the seed that evolved to be Christ Jesus, was pure of any sin, and thus clear of the Original Sin presented in the DNA descending from Adam.
Depending on what the belief is after, the seed of Jesus would be the purifier of the seed of Adam.
This association does #assume that the change in the DNA code is from the male counterpart, and that the DNA code of a man does change in accordance to his actions. Furthermore, in the copulation of two genes, it is the better gene that takes over. So if such a case existed, where a copulation is between a descendant of Jesus and descendant of Adam, the effect of the Original Sin would be wiped clear. #Intuition

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

I never understood why wishing birthday was special. I did not find mine to be, nor did I think that any one should find my Day of Birth to be special. What have I done for you to feel that way? Similarly what have you done to make me feel like wishing you birthday on your Day of Birth?
It’s like those awards ceremony, why should you get one? Why should I receive one?

Though if one contemplates over it, you think about why would anyone want to wish someone a happy birthday.
Christmas being the obvious example, a celebration as we are told it to be of the birth of Christ Jesus. Whether it is the right day or otherwise, the intended meaning is that a group of people would like to gather and celebrate a birth of someone who brought something so significant that they feel it necessary to celebrate about it, and thus give thanks.
On the other hand, at a more personal level, one may want to celebrate the birth of their significant other, or parents, and to some extent their siblings or cousins.

Ofcourse, nowadays, it feels like, at least to me, that wishing birthday is more of a formality or fad, especially with your significant other. Most men I hear would only say something negative about wishing a Happy Birthday to their significant other. As for women, mainly in media, one gets to hear their threatening position. If they are not wished from someone that they are expected to be wished from, they would feel the need to make an example. Overall, wishing happy birthday seems more like an imposition than a heartfelt necessity. Then ofcourse there are those, oft repeated “random” moments, where one from among a bunch of females, even males at times, would talk about how it is their birthday. They would say it, just loud enough to be heard in the surroundings. I personally have heard it so many times that I honestly feel it is just a blatant lie to see if anyone reacts, for whatever reasons! #narcissism_102 (#narcissism_101 is taking selfies)

But I do want to wish Happy Birthday. More importantly, I would like to know someone to whom I would want to wish happy birthday. Someone treasured enough, cherished enough, to feel glad for, that they were born and became part of my life. But then, how severe does one set their gauge in determining who is worthy of that ‘cherish-ment’? Or keep it loose enough to let anyone and everyone be part of it. If you decide loose than like I stated before, wishing birthday loses its meaning. On the other hand, if you keep it too stringent than no one seems to fall in it!

Take family for example, parents , if one understands their complete role, one should definitely have them as part of those cherished, but then being a human we all have flaws, them and I. Your girlfriend or x’s, should they be in that list? Especially when an x is appended to it? At some point(s) they were held dear and thus cherished, so does that cherishment goes away at the append of that ‘x’. Also, your siblings and cousins, should you maintain it with them, even on un-benign or estranged relations. Answer, though it may differ in the state of mind one is in, is mostly ‘yes’. That is if a person, whom you know at a personal level, personal enough to know their date of birth without them verbally telling you, and regardless of how sour the relationship you have with them, maybe, if you can remind yourself that even the bad is a positive learning experience, than you know that they have made a positive contribution to your life even in their sour way.

Unfortunately, I keep missing out on that opportunity as well. Their are seven people whom birthday I know by heart. Two of them being my parents, the other two my sisters, another two x and her sister (intent is clean), and the last one is another enforced significant though rendered unaccomplished. From the ladies, all five were ignored from being wished Happy Birthday. Either because they didn’t seem to matter at that time, or the sourness left by them made me ignore the positive contribution they have had on my life.

From thinking about this matter, I would personally say that it is still worthwhile to let them know that you are wishing them a happy birthday, but from experience I know the bitterness can take over, and other times it is just bad politics to make such a gesture, regardless of how clean your intent maybe. After all, we can only judge on what we can perceive, only God claims to know the secrets of the Heart.


After all this, if someone still wished me happy birthday I would not know how to respond, other than to say, “good for you!”

A Method To Form An Organisation


By picking a lead, one has the option to become part of a group. For instance, you move in to a neighborhood and their is a pre existant group that you need to be part of. This group is a un unionized, meaning they dont have a clear leader. By picking one among them as the one with heart, you are in a way subjugating yourself to that one person, but then now you are connected to the rest of the crew via him. Although, everyone else may have their doubts in the choice you made, they would be incline to follow suit. That is assuming, if everyone sees you as the young golden duck whom they can use for their benefit
If you try to be the lead youself among strangers, they will take turns on you in trying to make a fool out of you, or try to hoard you for yourself, to extract that golden egg from you. On the othet hand, by picking one most suitable, you have made yourself second to him, but also earn his favor in your presence and outside your presence. Because you have second yourself to him, he is the main person you have to keep in check with, everyone else would be kept in check via him,

In another scenario. In a similar situatipn and different environment, to form a bond as the stranger walking into a formed community. It is better to pick one person and make them your “best friend” and build your network via them while maintaining that one person as your best friend.

Some Rule to Note
When approaching that new community, give precedence to the selected one in saluting. Rather than saying saying hi and shaking hands from right to left as some cultures may recommend. Give a general w’sup to the common folks but focus on first shaking and greeting that selected best friend. (Although for a normal routine that would be the case by default, in this case because you are trying to fit in, you have to follow a set of rules, rather than simply go un planned.)
Similarly, give precedence or volunteer help towards the selected one. By seeing your relation blossom, others from his community should attract to it. But you should maintain that reliance and that instill trust in the same person. Eventually what you should have is a crew where you know the main guy, the main guy knows the rest and the rest knows you!

This for you is a formation of a unit!

Conair an old company, has distrbution many new retailers ie walmart.
An old producer, By having shares in each new distributor/retailer, manage to sell new products
#wowFactor old thing like conair still in the business

From each crew pick one as the heart, and than you can be their 7th

From a general experience of how a group of conventional muslims would pray, to observing how a unit within an army may function; the old school war of mass against mass to conventional unit guerilla wars, 0ne seems to contemplate a method in organizing units, a hierarchy fascinating on the number Seven; A 7 Heirarchy.

Assume a group of Seven individuals, with one person elected* as the lead. Each member of this group, other than the lead is a designated lead to another subsequent group of Seven.
Let the first conceptualize group be refered to as the group 1, and the sebsequent group described as group 2. Each group has one lead and six followers.
So group 1 has seven members, let each member be refered from a to g, with a being the designated lead and b-g being the followers.
Next we described that each member other than the lead of group 1, I.e. the followers, is a designated lead of another group: group 2. Note that each follower in group 1 is a lead to a distinct group 2. We can label these groups as group 2b, group 2c, …, group 2g.
So, the member b of group 1 is a designated lead of group 2b, similarly member c of group 1 is a designated lead of group 2c, and so on for members d-g for group 2d to group 2g respectively.

Reminder that each group 2x has Seven members as well, with the lead of each respective group being a follower in group 1.

For each group 2x, we can label each member as xa – xg where x is b-g. Note x is xa, for example member b of group 1 would be referred to as ba for group 2b

Taking the precedeing steps to form subsequent groups for each member of a group, we can further form other subsequent groups. For example, member b is the lead of group 2b, then each follower of group 2b is a lead to yet further subsequent group. For instance, member bb of group 2b would be a lead to a group 3bb, and further member bc of group 2b would be a lead to group 3bc.
Similarly, member c being the lead of group 2c, with follower cb of group 2c being the lead of group 3cb.

Visualizing the formation of each group as a unit.
Consider group 1 as the only group without any subsequent groups. Imagine a three dimensional graph with a point on each positive and negative side of the three axis, and one point at the origin, representing the lead. So we have totaling seven points, a point each on each side of each axis, totaling six points, and then an additional point at the origin.
For simplicity by placing the six points at equals distance from origin, and then connecting each point with a straight line, we would see a shape (octahedron) consisting of 8 triangles, 4 pointing up and the other 4 down, also each pair of four having a common tip and each facing a different four possible sides. And then one point at the origin as a nucleus.

Now to visualize the further subsequent groups, imagine the same octahedron shape formed above except now each point on each axis is another octahedron representing the subsequent group and the point of the first octahedron is the nucleus of the subsequent octahedron. So if the first octahedron represented group 1, then each subsequent octahedron would represent their respective group 2. Similarly we could further represent group 3 and so on.

Looking at the full picture. We have an octahedron with each point being another octahedron and then each point of that subsequent octahedron being another octahedron. Thus, depending on how many the number in depth of groups being represented, I.e., group 2, group 3, and so on, each subsequent group can be represented by futher octahedrons at the points representing the followers.
So, fully zooming out, the single octahedron represents group 1, and by zooming into the point representing the follower of group 1 octahedron, we see the representation of the subsequent groups. And further zooming in to any of the points representing the follower, we see the representation of the further indepth group as an octahedron.

Another form of representation which is necessary for visual aid of representing such data structure I.e., heirarchy, is on a 2 dimensional plain.
Imagine a unit formation of one lead standing alone with six members standing in a line behind him. Now behind each of those six members there are further six members standing behind each individual. And thus further, to represent further depth, we can have yet six members standing behind each of the last six we described.

Properties To Adhere
One of the reasons for conocting such a method of organisation was to form a structure that has a strong bonding among groups, yet maximize the ability to perform independently. Consider a metal link chain versus a solid metal bar. Though each have their flaws and benefits depenind on the situation, the heirarchy being conceptualised here is an attempt to capture the solidity and the fluidness of a metal link chain. Thus forming a mesh made from a collection of metal link chains.

First off, by observing the structure presented, note that the lead of the top-most group is connected to every member in the organization, but each follower of the top group is only connected to the wing spanned through their respective following. Though each follower in the top group is within one group, their respective followers are only connected to the followers of the other wing through their lead. Should also note the matter in which each wing spans. For example, an organization that is four levels deep and fully spanned, I.e., every group has seven members, that organization has the total of 259 members. A point to note here is that the follower of group1 is directly connected to only 42 members and further a lead at group level 3 is only connected to 6 members. The organisation is very fragmented, thus making it fluid, and the strength of this organisation relies heavely on the bond of one group with another.

Therefore some properties are to be adhered to achieve such attributes.
The Lead of Group n should stay disjoint from any of the followers of Group n+1
Further the lead of group n should only address the groups n+1 and their followers when addressing all the followers of group n and their respective followers and their followers to the last group level

So if group 1 consists of a director, 2x sales, 2x IT, 2x finance, with the director being the elected lead, than the director should not have any direct relation with the groups of sales, IT, and finance. Though the director should have regular presentations to the collective crowd of his group and their groups to maintain the soliditity of the group as a whole. Further more, each Sales group should only be associating within their own respective group and sharing of information should be through the group of their leads. That is to stress that their should not be any bi-lateral communication. All advancements would traverse through leads to upper groups and then if decided by the upper group, that very advancement would traverse down to the remaining channels.
Also, the solididy of a group would be independent of the solididy of the groups above or below, since lead of one group may not intervene or directly communicate with the groups below or ones above. Note a lead of group n is a follower of group n-1, and thus the groups n+1 and above and n-2 and below (if any) are being recommended as beyond the reach for direct communication.

To re emphasize, the overall strength of a members wing is dependant upon how well the groups under him are bonded as well as how much he is respected by the overall group members in the below level.

*avoiding unjustified union and easily being able to form justified union

Why Living In Jail Seems Ideal

Why Living In Jail Seems Ideal

Ever since I became a teenager, I have been horrified by a single question, “how are we going to live?”
More specifically, bills need to be paid and I need to find a way of paying it; find a Job!
This notion of working and finding a job has always deluded me. The media and the folks around make it seem ideal and pleasant, and only form of negative we hear about for the workers is usually to do with the past or some third world country, or China. Though for me, I felt, work has always been unfair. From being made to work like a dog for a mere twonie, to working in unsafe conditions, to working with managers that would look upon me as disposable human capital, to working with female mangers that use their authority to act on their sneering. Overall, work has not been as described as a list of predetermined duties to perform but more of how to subjugate my mind. This notion of subjugation, has always been a problem for me, more specifically because of how I think, topped off with a little bit of negative that exist on the employer side.

My problem with subjugation is that work environment is conceived in two ways. One, their is a boss and then subordinates, and a subordinate has to bow down to the boss. This is how I have seen the work environment to be. The other conception is, that everyone has a role, and each acts according to it. Their isn’t any hierarchy but rather a flat line of roles specified to different duties. This is the view that I perceived as the ideal work environment and so far I have only seen it in my imagination, never in real life. Now the problem of subjugation is that I am perceived as a proud man, though in my defense, I see myself as principled, and I stand firm by it unless shown otherwise. That firmness of standing by is looked upon as pride, and I claim that if shown otherwise against my principles than by God I will stand down, hence it is not pride. Any who, the problem with subjugation is, I cant give authority to anyone, and if I fake it, it becomes blatantly obvious that I am faking it. More so my faking is depended on the polarity of my mind, and to control that lever of polarity is a life long process that I have been traversing and, with age, succeeding on.
So the first problem is that I don’t keep my head down or keep myself from protesting when being wronged, and this is a major no-no when working for a different ethnicity, specifically in cross cultural work environment. Some difference by the mere presence of being their seem to make a negative impression.
The second problem is, and a major problem, that wherever their is room for initiative, specifically an initiative that would personally benefit me, I tend to take it. Now these initiative are very self beneficial, meaning it doesn’t really help the employer unless an argument is made that benefiting the employee is eventually benefiting the employer by granting the employer with a happier employee. Aside from that, these initiatives made my work environment more luxurious and it did also help productivity, ofcourse. The problem though is that, by taking these initiatives I had cut through more red-tape than can be found in a dollar store.

Most recent example is my last work place, a mobile retail store. I cleaned up the back room and turned it into a staff lounge. Brought in second monitors for the store to have more desktop space. Brought in high chairs to match the high counter. I mean, for a person who was an associate manager, I was running the place as an owner. Now I did it, because room to take the initiative was there, the problem became when other workers in different stores found out about it, and they wanted to transfer to my store.

Aside from this, their has been other problems. Management falling short on their promise. They promised a managerial position, and I showed the initiative but wasn’t given the role. Granted I have trouble bossing people around, and when it comes to deciding between two females, by God the crucifix seems like a better place to be.

Other problem with initiatives is that in sales, retail, their is always a conflict between the corporate side and the management side. Corporate says no to certain procedures of making new sales but then management would insist on those specific procedures. So the obvious conflict is always hard to resolve. You have to listen to management cause they have the first hand at riding your arse, but then the guilt of going against corporate tends to conflict. Now in these situations, I have usually always tended to find loop holes, where I manage to satisfy both sides, by conceiving a different method of gaining sales, although if those method brought in the light of day, they would not be approved, but as long remain hidden, it is not illegal either. Hence, a loop hole. In my last role, it worked wonders, except my manager thought she was the reason behind it, so when I backed off to show the sales would slump, and they did, that didn’t sit well. I was eventually pushed out. Since the store I was working in became a better working environment; two screens, back lounge, etc., second the obvious conflict with management.

In the end, the store went back to its low level, and I went back to my no-level (jobless)
Anyhow, the point is, in terms of being a worker, though my life has been made hell, to a point of being a life long patient of psoriasis induced from the stress of “how are we going to (bloody) live?” has failed to mold me as a subjugated worker. I even voluntarily went homeless to find some sort of recourse, that period of being a true orphan which would make me more “humble”. The only thing it did was to mold myself to start lying, although I still find it necessary to be honest about lying #irony.

Now I answer the question of “how are we going to live?” With the question itself “HOW are, we going to live?” and training my mind to focus on the delight of the day than to pay heed to the whispers of the satan “poverty is your lot, ruin is coming”

So for that reason, I find jail to be ideal, where the question of “how are we going to live” simply keeps itself from resonating. In a jail, like the homeless shelter that I “vacationed” in for two weeks, doesn’t ask the question of what to eat or where to sleep, it simply says wake up in the morning, have breakfast, come for lunch and dinner and be back by night or stay out the whole night, and the environment is worst than a pig-stein . In a jail, I perceive is similar, though the whole day is locked from being inside a smaller cage to a bigger cage. You could ask, ‘do you really find normal life to be equal to a jail life or better?’ Well at the moment, my hearts aches for being at unrest, although being in a cage would take away a lot of liberties and luxuries, it should give me that peace of mind. That peace one can conceptualize in death, where one can nor go forward or move back, where the deception of choice no longer exist, where how the day shall unfold is foretold, though itinerary is filled with boredom and incarceration. Nevertheless, the notion of the unseen misery that may lay tomorrow is known and accepted without being asked again and again, “what are you going to do about it”

Overall, jail guarantees me the basic foundation of daily living, although it also inhibits any choice of progression or any processions (Kinda like a socialist environment). Then of course their is that notion of living among “animals”, the danger being raped or becoming someones bitch and so on. Well a man who seeks knowledge would gladly walk in the path of darkness, of course as long as God is my Might. As for dangers, they are like those tough university courses, even with a border line passing mark, you end up learning enough to add to your own foundation. Overall, I perceive Jail as better because than I won’t be asked the question “how are we going to live?”, since the answer is predetermined and assured. Although, as I recall, my time at the shelter, I felt their is still a chance, and I should work hard, and I remember a day labour I went to, boy did they break my back, physically and emotionally. I know from experience, that being put in a shitier place in life makes your appreciate the lesser shitier place you were in, and if anything, being in Jail should phantom as the shittier place. to this less shitier life I am living.


Indeed the ability to write is a blessing, though comes at a price of boredom and loneliness

Bill C36

Bill C36

As heineous as prostitution Is, it is,  as proudly declared by some of the female leaders of our society, one of the earliest form of trade known in history. That hardly implies that it should be accepted and made acceptable in our everyday society, on the other hand it would be foolish to think such a sin can be eradicated from any society.

Like prohibition of alcohol led to bootlegging, making prostitution illegal would only move the directors and managers of prostitution underground, and thus making it impossible to keep a check on the prostitution trade.

Maintaining that check should be the concern of any government. Simply making it illegal or legal does not place that ‘check’

Just because Prostitution is legal does not keep a person coercing a women in their family to prostitution. To raise funds for whatever cause they feel is genuine enough. With legalised prostitution, a women who denies faith can establish her trade in any community. Their could be Sunday Service on the main floor of a condominium while prostitution taking place on on the eleventh.

If the government truly cares about setting the nation aright to lead towards a better future, than they need to accept that Satan is an open enemy who cannot be shunned, but can be kept in check. AND, to keep it in check should be their priority.

Being Gay; Choice Or Nature ?

Being Gay; Choice Or Nature ?

The ever so conservative question of whether being Gay is a choice or dictated by nature?

To answer this question one has to understand the difference between a human psychology and it’s form. Currently we know, generally, a human body has two forms, male and female. Their are exceptional cases of transgender as reported,  but for the sake of this argument, this unique case can be omitted. Therefore, a human body has two forms, and a psyche is associated with each form. A male body has a man-psyche and a female body has a woman-psyche. An example would be to think of two forms of hardware running two distinct form of software. Each software associated with its respective hardware, an example a Samsung phone has an Android OS running on it and an Apple phone has an iOS running on it.

In a simple diagram it would look as following:

Samsung->Android || Apple -> iOS

Similarly, Male -> Man-Psyche || Female -> Woman-Psyche


I claim that in the present world a male form has two distinct psyche, a male man-psyche and a male woman-psyche.

Male -> Man-Psyche || Male -> Woman-Psyche || Female -> Woman-Psyche

I further claim that a Male Man-Psyche Chooses to be Gay, specifically Choosing to commit a homosexual act. And a Male Woman-Psyche by nature is Gay, specifically does Not Choose to but by Nature is the same as what is generally considered a feminine nature.  


If one is to study as to what makes a certain psyche distinct from another. A general notion would claim that men-psyche are macho, hot headed, aggressive, and so on. Similarly a woman-psyche would be labeled as emotional, talkative, desire for attention and so on.

To understand what being Gay is, we need to separate the act of homosexuality and a psyche described as gay. Homosexuality is a male having sex with another male. A gay-psyche is a male feeling attracted to a male. A trivial question arises as to what the difference is? Being attracted is what to leads to sex, and the answer to this is Not Always!

A man-psyche is distinguished by its aggressiveness, more specifically by its nature to desire for sex. Some would claim that a woman-psyche also desires for sex, and my response is that a woman-psyche desires of being wanted and sex is the most expressive form of being granted that desire of want to a woman-psyche. My, simple, justification for this claim is that a woman-psyche needs to establish a sense of relationship before being able to enjoy sex as a quench to its desires of being desired. Whereas a man-psyche can quench its thirst for desire by simply masterbating. Although being with a partner makes it much, much, much better. This brings me to defining one aspect of what we see as being Gay.

Since a man-psyche has a desire for sex, and if left un-cultivated it can reproach or approach many levels of depth to satisfy that desire. An important example comes from male-psyche being incarcerated in conditions where it “chooses” to commit and perhaps enforces a homosexual act. This is a male-man-psyche making a choice of being Gay, more specifically being homosexual. Mainly due to its limited choices, and from a conservative point of view, because it’s lacks the morality to be patient for a Natural choice. Nevertheless, this is the form of Gay that is made out of choice. A male Man-psyche choosing to be Gay. Choosing to be a homosexual.

On the contrary, a male woman-psyche which we as a society have failed to or refuse to recognise. This is a male that thinks in a similar fashion to a female woman-psyche. This psyche desires for attention, wants and acts in a similar fashion to what we have commonly come to know as a woman. A male with a woman-psyche does not make a choice to be Gay but rather by nature is Gay. His desire to feel wanted and be admired comes as naturally to him as it does to any female. So it’s desire to be loved in a most expressive way, although being a homosexual act, is a desire out of Nature and Not Of Choice. He, male with woman-psyche, is Gay by his nature similar to a female is a woman by nature. Both have the same desires and like to express their needs in a similar fashion, i.e., wearing bright colours, to trinklets and jewellery, and other intricate items that we generally associate with a desire of women (collection of shoes and clothes being one main one)



Western society raises loud concerns for Gay minorities, but the understanding of this group seems cloudy. Conservatives claim that Gay is a choice and can be fixed through some sort of therapy, and liberals claim it’s nature and it has to be accepted as is. The reality is, both are justified as shown above. It is a choice for male with man-psyche and nature for male with woman-psyche.



Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is celebrated to remember that there are People that will

stand up for Justice and Truth. War has been the sad outcome of it, but to
perish evil we must defend. Put down aggressors and those that choose to
oppress through trickery and unchecked powers.

One can be trained to be a soldier, but
having a heart to fight for justice is what wearing a Poppey Flower

We personally have never been at war nor do we desire to have one, but to
stand for Truth is a struggle we all have to face one way or another. It
takes a heart to stand up against wrong. One can be trained to be a
soldier, but having a heart to fight for justice is what wearing a Poppey
Flower means. One can be trained to shoot a gun or put out a fire, but to
remain firm in your duty at times of adversity is what the Flower

The Poppey Flower is a symbol we choose to wear, to show that if ever a
time arises, we shall stand up for Justice, for what we believe in to be
Right. Though at times, we may be wrong in what we believe in to be the
right path, but it is the Purity in our Intentions that shall be our Guide,
the rest we must leave to the All Knowing God.

We salute to men and women that put their selves at risk to provide a safe
environment. May The All Good God Do Good to those who do Good for the sake
of being Good. May The All Wise God Guide our Leaders, May The True
Sovereign God Protect those who chose to protect Us, and may The All
Bountiful God Bless this Realm and make it of the Righteous Ones.

Lest We Forget, to God We Belong and to God is our Final Return. For God is 0ne, Absolute, Eternal, and there
is No 0ne unto like God.

Is This ‘Eid

Is This ‘Eid

I would say Eid Mubarak, but We are at work, and so is everyone else that
We know. Pray Eid Salat then to Work. Oh and let us not forget tomorrow is
another Eid though the same routine would apply

This is not Eid, just a formality!

Where are the Muslim Leaders? The Muftis Sheikhs and whatever titles,
that are suppose to ensure that Eid can be celebrated as is justified by
our sibling nation; the Christians. These leaders can go on stage and rally
for Donations, and what a GOOD Job they do at making a person feel
worthless. But where are the HR Policies ensuring WE get our week off just
as Christians get their Christmas off? Where is the channel that allows me
to Hand Slaughter a cattle in the Name of God? A venue to share my gifts
with my family and community? Where is EID?

This is not Eid, the preceding “Thanks Giving” had more glamour than this.
A bunch of us posting “Happy Eid” or its variation on Facebook and then
liking each other should not constitute as Eid.

But then how can we have Eid? when we do not have a community. How can we
have a community? if we don’t have any noble leaders paving the way for
unity. And how can we have any noble leaders? when their spots been
pre-filled and ensured that they remain filled with Artists, who can talk
the talk, but stay hidden when its time to walk the walk.

Yes! This is not EID, you can quote whatever ahadits/stories to keep us
pacified, but we know how a HolyDay is to be celebrated.

This is not Eid, just a Formality! Happy Formalities to you!