Story of Joseph (Parte Tres) + Analysis

Story of Joseph (Parte Tres) + Analysis

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When the caravan left Egypt, their father, Jacob,  back at their home said,
“I do indeed scent the presence of Joseph, No! Don’t think of me as an old fool!”

They said, “By God! truly you are in your old age of a wandering mind.”


Then when the bearer of the good news came, He cast the shirt over the face of Jacob, and Jacob at that moment regained clear sight.


Jacob said, “Did I not say to you, ‘I know from God that which you do not know!'”

They said, “Our father! ask for us forgiveness of our sins, for we were truly at fault.”

He said, “Soon will I ask my Lord for forgiveness for you: for God is indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”


Then when they entered the presence of Joseph, he provided a home for his parents with himself


and Joseph said: “Enter Egypt  in safety if it please God.”

And Joseph raised his parents high on the throne , and they all fell down in prostration, his whole family before him.

Joseph said, “My father! this is the fulfillment of my vision of old! God has made it come true! God was indeed good to me when IT took me out of prison and brought you out of the desert, after Satan had sown enmity between me and my brothers…

Verily my Lord understands best the mysteries of all that IT Plans to do, for verily God is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom. O my Lord! You have indeed Blessed on me certain power, and taught me something of the interpretation of dreams and events. Creator of the Heavens and the Earth! You are my Protector in this world and in the Hereafter. Take my soul as one submitting to Your Will  and unite me with the Righteous.”



- finito






About Dreams

How a remembered #vision can take a lifetime to fulfill. When Joseph was young he told his dad (Jacob) that he had a vision/dream that the 11 stars/planets and the sun and the moon were bowing down to him, and his dad told him to not tell his siblings about it, fore they might plan against him. The reason he gave was that Satan is to a man an enemy to avoid.
And then in the prime of his life, Joseph got to see his vision fulfilled. A whole Lifetime was spent from being thrown in the well, to being raised in the City by a wealthy man, to being thrown in the Jail, and then when he would have reached middle age, he got to see the fulfillment of a dream he had when he was a child!

It goes to show that dreams could have some meaning, especially if remembered throughout your life.


About Following the Law of the Land

Recall the Part about God explaining how for Joseph to be allowed to keep his lil brother, that lil #shahNANIgun of placing the Kings Cup in Josephs’ brothers’ sac was needed! So then when searched by the local authorities and finding it in his lil brothers sac, Joseph was allowed to retain his lil brother. Although the retainment was for being accused of theft, in essence God had set that up so Josephs’ lil brother can stay with Joseph.

Joseph could not have kept his brother back on his own, due to the Law of the Land. So for Joseph, a vouched #goodfella who followed the law, for him when special attention was needed, IT just happened! And Joseph got to have what he desired and he did not have to break any laws!



About Women Rights

In this case, a group of women, who were established in the city and of high society were by their Will, able to have an innocent man jailed, only because he wanted to remain true to himself, and not subjected to their illicit desires.

With our contemporary society, where Women Rights’ is still an issue. This goes to show that Feminism if taken extreme, could lead to similar injustice, as many women have been subjected to in a extremely male dominated society.

I hope this can be seen as a fair warning towards an extreme feminist society.



Seeing the Positive in Negative

For Joesph, his own siblings became his worst enemy. Although everything that seems negative taking place was only working out to his benefit. Had the siblings not thrown Joseph in the well, he wouldn’t have been bought by the Egyptians and be cultured and educated in a way that would’ve been much rescinded from living in a desert. So because of that downfall into the well and then being bought by the Egyptians, he was educated and cultured in a cultivated upper society.

Then Joseph being tossed in Jail showed his humility and the patience of his soul. To accept jail than to be the illicit prey of the Ladies of Egypt. This goes to show you always have a choice to walk away from wrong, even if in this case being walking away to a jail.
Then when acknowledged by the king, it was easy for the King to give Joseph honor and give him establishment in Egypt. Simply from the virtue that Joseph had showed by being consistent in staying true to his morals, it was easy for the King to place Joseph in his inner circle.


This is one interesting story if you believe and are of those who heed towards righteousness. It has many lessons to learn from, and few are listed above. Overall, the main essence of any story is to be able to learn from it, and one can truly learn from it, if they believe such a story is factual and true.  Now if you are someone who thinks of this as some tale of the old, even then you could see how the “Magic of God” works: From being an inhabitant of the dessert to being an adopted son of a well to do City dwellers. From a jail cell to being in the inner circle of the King.
When people say God works in mysterious ways, well this is one of those mysterious ways.

Learn and Heed!