Prince Charming

Prince Charming

who turns bitterness to love
who changes the poisonous snake around your neck to pearls

the kind of king who makes a demon a sweetheart
turns a funeral into a feast
and, changes blindness from birth to world-beholding sight

who pulls the thorn from your palm
and puts a pillow of roses under your head
for one, he kindles fire
for the other, the flame blossoms to a tiara of flowers around the head

the same that lights the stars
helps those who cannot help anymore

what used to be thought of as sin
scatters off like fallen leaves
and disintegrate, completely forgiven

“amen” says “who”, joyous from inside and out
like a charming prince his presence is full of delight

a rapture that is in the hand and foot,
and reality for the soul

i send my love out now to ride the sunlight
and take this account of Him
to those waiting faithfully over There