The Mystery of the Way

The Mystery of the Way

the musician draws his hand across the strings
so that the waste-cases will come in off the street

those who have been waiting, start to work

the thieves of inner qualities, no longer threaten
they are brought to justice

the figures cannot read their own columns, of figures #AlgorithmTrading

friends call friends, to the secret cave #SpiritGrabriel2ChristMohd

saddle the nimble horses with gold-inlaid leather
let the pack horses continue with their loads

comfort the grieving
not those who think only of how to sell things
the sensuality they live for
are sharp points pushing into their flesh

those who walk into the fire feel refreshed #Moses2God
those who run to water burn themselves #pharaoh2Nile
remember the dusty face of Moses moving towards Light
remember Pharaoh parading into stupidity and humiliation

The Mystery of the Way
is the old trick of reversing horseshoes

Moses bends to pick up the stick,

IT is Alive!