Like This

Like This

If they asks you
How being in heaven would look,
Lift your face and say
Like this

If they mention the grace of the night sky
Dance on a roof, and say
Like this?

If they want to know what a spirit is, or the fragrance of God
Lean your head forward, face up close, and say
Like this

If they quote the old poetic images about clouds uncovering the moon,
Slowly unbutton your shirt, and loosen your belt, and whisper
Like This!

If they ask what it means to die for love,
Point to yourself

If they ask how tall I am
Frown and measure with your fingers the space between the creases of your forehead, and say
This tall

The soul leaves the body, then returns,
If they do not believe that,
Walk back into my house,
Like This!

When lovers moan, they are telling our story
Like This!

I am a sky where spirits live
Stare into the deepening blue
While the breeze whispers a secret
Like This!

How did Joseph’s scent come to Jacob
How did Jacob sight return?

A little wind cleans the eyes
Like This!

When he comes back from there
He will put his head around the edges of the door to surprise us,
Like This!