Is This ‘Eid

Is This ‘Eid

I would say Eid Mubarak, but We are at work, and so is everyone else that
We know. Pray Eid Salat then to Work. Oh and let us not forget tomorrow is
another Eid though the same routine would apply

This is not Eid, just a formality!

Where are the Muslim Leaders? The Muftis Sheikhs and whatever titles,
that are suppose to ensure that Eid can be celebrated as is justified by
our sibling nation; the Christians. These leaders can go on stage and rally
for Donations, and what a GOOD Job they do at making a person feel
worthless. But where are the HR Policies ensuring WE get our week off just
as Christians get their Christmas off? Where is the channel that allows me
to Hand Slaughter a cattle in the Name of God? A venue to share my gifts
with my family and community? Where is EID?

This is not Eid, the preceding “Thanks Giving” had more glamour than this.
A bunch of us posting “Happy Eid” or its variation on Facebook and then
liking each other should not constitute as Eid.

But then how can we have Eid? when we do not have a community. How can we
have a community? if we don’t have any noble leaders paving the way for
unity. And how can we have any noble leaders? when their spots been
pre-filled and ensured that they remain filled with Artists, who can talk
the talk, but stay hidden when its time to walk the walk.

Yes! This is not EID, you can quote whatever ahadits/stories to keep us
pacified, but we know how a HolyDay is to be celebrated.

This is not Eid, just a Formality! Happy Formalities to you!