I wonder

I wonder

I wonder when did it all change…

when did I become convinced against my own
when did life become this new thorn
gone are the old tribulations
cometh has another scorn

I dont know if I was lonley before
or am I lonley now
I had friends before
though I am more confident now

I know I make a splash
to where ever I routine
they like to see me smile
as if they cared to be seen

when did life become this anomaly
a riddle half solved
I used to ponder over coincidence
now I know about being a pawn

though I do keep getting tested
and though a save is being made more often
that pluck of a lash or pulling on those brows
is it DNA being pulled for precaution ?

they wonder what a spirit is
and what is the role of a soul
I wonder when these questions
became so much more

I keep thinking I keep wondering
seeing life in different lens
that whole her-him battle
is making a lot more sense

jinns and man
sitting on a tree
I wonder what a hue and huMan is
I wonder why, why wonder I

I moved on from that ‘money solves all problems’
and I see more than ‘why all this’
life though lived by all on the same ground
has different meaning depending on your bliss

I wonder when did entrapment start setting in
I wonder when I started feeling so free
I wonder if I would ever find
those who wonder like me …