Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

I never understood why wishing birthday was special. I did not find mine to be, nor did I think that any one should find my Day of Birth to be special. What have I done for you to feel that way? Similarly what have you done to make me feel like wishing you birthday on your Day of Birth?
It’s like those awards ceremony, why should you get one? Why should I receive one?

Though if one contemplates over it, you think about why would anyone want to wish someone a happy birthday.
Christmas being the obvious example, a celebration as we are told it to be of the birth of Christ Jesus. Whether it is the right day or otherwise, the intended meaning is that a group of people would like to gather and celebrate a birth of someone who brought something so significant that they feel it necessary to celebrate about it, and thus give thanks.
On the other hand, at a more personal level, one may want to celebrate the birth of their significant other, or parents, and to some extent their siblings or cousins.

Ofcourse, nowadays, it feels like, at least to me, that wishing birthday is more of a formality or fad, especially with your significant other. Most men I hear would only say something negative about wishing a Happy Birthday to their significant other. As for women, mainly in media, one gets to hear their threatening position. If they are not wished from someone that they are expected to be wished from, they would feel the need to make an example. Overall, wishing happy birthday seems more like an imposition than a heartfelt necessity. Then ofcourse there are those, oft repeated “random” moments, where one from among a bunch of females, even males at times, would talk about how it is their birthday. They would say it, just loud enough to be heard in the surroundings. I personally have heard it so many times that I honestly feel it is just a blatant lie to see if anyone reacts, for whatever reasons! #narcissism_102 (#narcissism_101 is taking selfies)

But I do want to wish Happy Birthday. More importantly, I would like to know someone to whom I would want to wish happy birthday. Someone treasured enough, cherished enough, to feel glad for, that they were born and became part of my life. But then, how severe does one set their gauge in determining who is worthy of that ‘cherish-ment’? Or keep it loose enough to let anyone and everyone be part of it. If you decide loose than like I stated before, wishing birthday loses its meaning. On the other hand, if you keep it too stringent than no one seems to fall in it!

Take family for example, parents , if one understands their complete role, one should definitely have them as part of those cherished, but then being a human we all have flaws, them and I. Your girlfriend or x’s, should they be in that list? Especially when an x is appended to it? At some point(s) they were held dear and thus cherished, so does that cherishment goes away at the append of that ‘x’. Also, your siblings and cousins, should you maintain it with them, even on un-benign or estranged relations. Answer, though it may differ in the state of mind one is in, is mostly ‘yes’. That is if a person, whom you know at a personal level, personal enough to know their date of birth without them verbally telling you, and regardless of how sour the relationship you have with them, maybe, if you can remind yourself that even the bad is a positive learning experience, than you know that they have made a positive contribution to your life even in their sour way.

Unfortunately, I keep missing out on that opportunity as well. Their are seven people whom birthday I know by heart. Two of them being my parents, the other two my sisters, another two x and her sister (intent is clean), and the last one is another enforced significant though rendered unaccomplished. From the ladies, all five were ignored from being wished Happy Birthday. Either because they didn’t seem to matter at that time, or the sourness left by them made me ignore the positive contribution they have had on my life.

From thinking about this matter, I would personally say that it is still worthwhile to let them know that you are wishing them a happy birthday, but from experience I know the bitterness can take over, and other times it is just bad politics to make such a gesture, regardless of how clean your intent maybe. After all, we can only judge on what we can perceive, only God claims to know the secrets of the Heart.


After all this, if someone still wished me happy birthday I would not know how to respond, other than to say, “good for you!”