Gone To Sleep

Gone To Sleep

stay up at nights
and sleep during the day
confine to my house
because the cold wont go away

not a soul to trust
and their is so much to tell
a day passes a day
and I remain in this … =B


what is life
what is to be done
learn learn learn
and then what

I am tired
and intoxication is a sin
keep passing time
to some feared end

I want to let it all go
but All wont let me go
I do wonder about myself
would I really act if That moment came


I dream about my death
from some suckers hand
like the two sons of adam
the killer destined himself to hell
and sent the killed to a better end

come get at me dog
you think this is the rule of law
a blinded woman holding a scale
to determine what is God?


day after day
the sun rises and the sun sets
I get paid and I pay bills
and you suckers still cant figure out the test

I feel I have retired
and by God I have
and I assure you the life promised by her
is worst than what you have

I know they wonder about my secrets
but this is well planned out
words hide words
until that promised day comes

I live with the devils
they are relatives
and it is because of what I have known
they can be trusted

so a day passes a day
and time goes by
now is winter and then shall come spring
and on the new moon I shall get High!

… i did