Creep, they may say

Creep, they may say

beautiful, I would be a fool to insult you
I only want them to know what makes you so pretty
photo genesis might get the likes
but it is the sincerity I see in your eyes that keeps me coming back
i do apologize for being too forward
though I did warn of the impatience, a man is

ahh what a ray of light you are starting to become
though God has made me brave the darkness

every time i see you, i feel like a child
seeing that smile on your face makes me wanna stay a while
though a voice keeps reminding I am being a fool
ha, and the age difference, the other day this old lady was counting my white hair, too
truth be told, their seems more to this than just me pertaining a chase
with the audience, you seem to be enjoying while effectively setting the pace


sari na, sarin aa, sa ri na … why waste those three words more commonly said than understood.
I do need to learn to nourish this, cause aside from meNu, THEY might only be init for their entertainment
And no! no no! experience says arrogance only brings about the downfall
so nxt time convince them to only let you #sit with me for a while

precious u have gotten me… for now!
the old fool though not a creep, well not entirely


a poet or anything close would do better. I just like the words to rhyme, like sweet melodies, composed as prose.