Bill C36

Bill C36

As heineous as prostitution Is, it is,  as proudly declared by some of the female leaders of our society, one of the earliest form of trade known in history. That hardly implies that it should be accepted and made acceptable in our everyday society, on the other hand it would be foolish to think such a sin can be eradicated from any society.

Like prohibition of alcohol led to bootlegging, making prostitution illegal would only move the directors and managers of prostitution underground, and thus making it impossible to keep a check on the prostitution trade.

Maintaining that check should be the concern of any government. Simply making it illegal or legal does not place that ‘check’

Just because Prostitution is legal does not keep a person coercing a women in their family to prostitution. To raise funds for whatever cause they feel is genuine enough. With legalised prostitution, a women who denies faith can establish her trade in any community. Their could be Sunday Service on the main floor of a condominium while prostitution taking place on on the eleventh.

If the government truly cares about setting the nation aright to lead towards a better future, than they need to accept that Satan is an open enemy who cannot be shunned, but can be kept in check. AND, to keep it in check should be their priority.