Being Gay; Choice Or Nature ?

Being Gay; Choice Or Nature ?

The ever so conservative question of whether being Gay is a choice or dictated by nature?

To answer this question one has to understand the difference between a human psychology and it’s form. Currently we know, generally, a human body has two forms, male and female. Their are exceptional cases of transgender as reported,  but for the sake of this argument, this unique case can be omitted. Therefore, a human body has two forms, and a psyche is associated with each form. A male body has a man-psyche and a female body has a woman-psyche. An example would be to think of two forms of hardware running two distinct form of software. Each software associated with its respective hardware, an example a Samsung phone has an Android OS running on it and an Apple phone has an iOS running on it.

In a simple diagram it would look as following:

Samsung->Android || Apple -> iOS

Similarly, Male -> Man-Psyche || Female -> Woman-Psyche


I claim that in the present world a male form has two distinct psyche, a male man-psyche and a male woman-psyche.

Male -> Man-Psyche || Male -> Woman-Psyche || Female -> Woman-Psyche

I further claim that a Male Man-Psyche Chooses to be Gay, specifically Choosing to commit a homosexual act. And a Male Woman-Psyche by nature is Gay, specifically does Not Choose to but by Nature is the same as what is generally considered a feminine nature.  


If one is to study as to what makes a certain psyche distinct from another. A general notion would claim that men-psyche are macho, hot headed, aggressive, and so on. Similarly a woman-psyche would be labeled as emotional, talkative, desire for attention and so on.

To understand what being Gay is, we need to separate the act of homosexuality and a psyche described as gay. Homosexuality is a male having sex with another male. A gay-psyche is a male feeling attracted to a male. A trivial question arises as to what the difference is? Being attracted is what to leads to sex, and the answer to this is Not Always!

A man-psyche is distinguished by its aggressiveness, more specifically by its nature to desire for sex. Some would claim that a woman-psyche also desires for sex, and my response is that a woman-psyche desires of being wanted and sex is the most expressive form of being granted that desire of want to a woman-psyche. My, simple, justification for this claim is that a woman-psyche needs to establish a sense of relationship before being able to enjoy sex as a quench to its desires of being desired. Whereas a man-psyche can quench its thirst for desire by simply masterbating. Although being with a partner makes it much, much, much better. This brings me to defining one aspect of what we see as being Gay.

Since a man-psyche has a desire for sex, and if left un-cultivated it can reproach or approach many levels of depth to satisfy that desire. An important example comes from male-psyche being incarcerated in conditions where it “chooses” to commit and perhaps enforces a homosexual act. This is a male-man-psyche making a choice of being Gay, more specifically being homosexual. Mainly due to its limited choices, and from a conservative point of view, because it’s lacks the morality to be patient for a Natural choice. Nevertheless, this is the form of Gay that is made out of choice. A male Man-psyche choosing to be Gay. Choosing to be a homosexual.

On the contrary, a male woman-psyche which we as a society have failed to or refuse to recognise. This is a male that thinks in a similar fashion to a female woman-psyche. This psyche desires for attention, wants and acts in a similar fashion to what we have commonly come to know as a woman. A male with a woman-psyche does not make a choice to be Gay but rather by nature is Gay. His desire to feel wanted and be admired comes as naturally to him as it does to any female. So it’s desire to be loved in a most expressive way, although being a homosexual act, is a desire out of Nature and Not Of Choice. He, male with woman-psyche, is Gay by his nature similar to a female is a woman by nature. Both have the same desires and like to express their needs in a similar fashion, i.e., wearing bright colours, to trinklets and jewellery, and other intricate items that we generally associate with a desire of women (collection of shoes and clothes being one main one)



Western society raises loud concerns for Gay minorities, but the understanding of this group seems cloudy. Conservatives claim that Gay is a choice and can be fixed through some sort of therapy, and liberals claim it’s nature and it has to be accepted as is. The reality is, both are justified as shown above. It is a choice for male with man-psyche and nature for male with woman-psyche.