why do i have this affection
with this old lady on the dollar bill
last I checked
it was D on NB that has been paying my bills

they say i was born subjected to her
so she is my queeen
I take it as a Will of God
for being born decades earlier, ’tis Victoria I would have seen

nevertheless their is some affection
for I do sincerely from the heart
pray for her #perfection

now her being a brit
to me is a quib for the brits
for Christ Mohd was an arab
should i care for the arab fibs!
heck I don’t even see my own ethnics
like the adopted of the Pharaoh
they were slaved in tyranny
these paks are driving in pajeros

nevertheless their is sincere affection
may God guide the Queen
and may God bless this land to the righteous and the clean