A Method To Form An Organisation


By picking a lead, one has the option to become part of a group. For instance, you move in to a neighborhood and their is a pre existant group that you need to be part of. This group is a un unionized, meaning they dont have a clear leader. By picking one among them as the one with heart, you are in a way subjugating yourself to that one person, but then now you are connected to the rest of the crew via him. Although, everyone else may have their doubts in the choice you made, they would be incline to follow suit. That is assuming, if everyone sees you as the young golden duck whom they can use for their benefit
If you try to be the lead youself among strangers, they will take turns on you in trying to make a fool out of you, or try to hoard you for yourself, to extract that golden egg from you. On the othet hand, by picking one most suitable, you have made yourself second to him, but also earn his favor in your presence and outside your presence. Because you have second yourself to him, he is the main person you have to keep in check with, everyone else would be kept in check via him,

In another scenario. In a similar situatipn and different environment, to form a bond as the stranger walking into a formed community. It is better to pick one person and make them your “best friend” and build your network via them while maintaining that one person as your best friend.

Some Rule to Note
When approaching that new community, give precedence to the selected one in saluting. Rather than saying saying hi and shaking hands from right to left as some cultures may recommend. Give a general w’sup to the common folks but focus on first shaking and greeting that selected best friend. (Although for a normal routine that would be the case by default, in this case because you are trying to fit in, you have to follow a set of rules, rather than simply go un planned.)
Similarly, give precedence or volunteer help towards the selected one. By seeing your relation blossom, others from his community should attract to it. But you should maintain that reliance and that instill trust in the same person. Eventually what you should have is a crew where you know the main guy, the main guy knows the rest and the rest knows you!

This for you is a formation of a unit!

Conair an old company, has distrbution many new retailers ie walmart.
An old producer, By having shares in each new distributor/retailer, manage to sell new products
#wowFactor old thing like conair still in the business

From each crew pick one as the heart, and than you can be their 7th

From a general experience of how a group of conventional muslims would pray, to observing how a unit within an army may function; the old school war of mass against mass to conventional unit guerilla wars, 0ne seems to contemplate a method in organizing units, a hierarchy fascinating on the number Seven; A 7 Heirarchy.

Assume a group of Seven individuals, with one person elected* as the lead. Each member of this group, other than the lead is a designated lead to another subsequent group of Seven.
Let the first conceptualize group be refered to as the group 1, and the sebsequent group described as group 2. Each group has one lead and six followers.
So group 1 has seven members, let each member be refered from a to g, with a being the designated lead and b-g being the followers.
Next we described that each member other than the lead of group 1, I.e. the followers, is a designated lead of another group: group 2. Note that each follower in group 1 is a lead to a distinct group 2. We can label these groups as group 2b, group 2c, …, group 2g.
So, the member b of group 1 is a designated lead of group 2b, similarly member c of group 1 is a designated lead of group 2c, and so on for members d-g for group 2d to group 2g respectively.

Reminder that each group 2x has Seven members as well, with the lead of each respective group being a follower in group 1.

For each group 2x, we can label each member as xa – xg where x is b-g. Note x is xa, for example member b of group 1 would be referred to as ba for group 2b

Taking the precedeing steps to form subsequent groups for each member of a group, we can further form other subsequent groups. For example, member b is the lead of group 2b, then each follower of group 2b is a lead to yet further subsequent group. For instance, member bb of group 2b would be a lead to a group 3bb, and further member bc of group 2b would be a lead to group 3bc.
Similarly, member c being the lead of group 2c, with follower cb of group 2c being the lead of group 3cb.

Visualizing the formation of each group as a unit.
Consider group 1 as the only group without any subsequent groups. Imagine a three dimensional graph with a point on each positive and negative side of the three axis, and one point at the origin, representing the lead. So we have totaling seven points, a point each on each side of each axis, totaling six points, and then an additional point at the origin.
For simplicity by placing the six points at equals distance from origin, and then connecting each point with a straight line, we would see a shape (octahedron) consisting of 8 triangles, 4 pointing up and the other 4 down, also each pair of four having a common tip and each facing a different four possible sides. And then one point at the origin as a nucleus.

Now to visualize the further subsequent groups, imagine the same octahedron shape formed above except now each point on each axis is another octahedron representing the subsequent group and the point of the first octahedron is the nucleus of the subsequent octahedron. So if the first octahedron represented group 1, then each subsequent octahedron would represent their respective group 2. Similarly we could further represent group 3 and so on.

Looking at the full picture. We have an octahedron with each point being another octahedron and then each point of that subsequent octahedron being another octahedron. Thus, depending on how many the number in depth of groups being represented, I.e., group 2, group 3, and so on, each subsequent group can be represented by futher octahedrons at the points representing the followers.
So, fully zooming out, the single octahedron represents group 1, and by zooming into the point representing the follower of group 1 octahedron, we see the representation of the subsequent groups. And further zooming in to any of the points representing the follower, we see the representation of the further indepth group as an octahedron.

Another form of representation which is necessary for visual aid of representing such data structure I.e., heirarchy, is on a 2 dimensional plain.
Imagine a unit formation of one lead standing alone with six members standing in a line behind him. Now behind each of those six members there are further six members standing behind each individual. And thus further, to represent further depth, we can have yet six members standing behind each of the last six we described.

Properties To Adhere
One of the reasons for conocting such a method of organisation was to form a structure that has a strong bonding among groups, yet maximize the ability to perform independently. Consider a metal link chain versus a solid metal bar. Though each have their flaws and benefits depenind on the situation, the heirarchy being conceptualised here is an attempt to capture the solidity and the fluidness of a metal link chain. Thus forming a mesh made from a collection of metal link chains.

First off, by observing the structure presented, note that the lead of the top-most group is connected to every member in the organization, but each follower of the top group is only connected to the wing spanned through their respective following. Though each follower in the top group is within one group, their respective followers are only connected to the followers of the other wing through their lead. Should also note the matter in which each wing spans. For example, an organization that is four levels deep and fully spanned, I.e., every group has seven members, that organization has the total of 259 members. A point to note here is that the follower of group1 is directly connected to only 42 members and further a lead at group level 3 is only connected to 6 members. The organisation is very fragmented, thus making it fluid, and the strength of this organisation relies heavely on the bond of one group with another.

Therefore some properties are to be adhered to achieve such attributes.
The Lead of Group n should stay disjoint from any of the followers of Group n+1
Further the lead of group n should only address the groups n+1 and their followers when addressing all the followers of group n and their respective followers and their followers to the last group level

So if group 1 consists of a director, 2x sales, 2x IT, 2x finance, with the director being the elected lead, than the director should not have any direct relation with the groups of sales, IT, and finance. Though the director should have regular presentations to the collective crowd of his group and their groups to maintain the soliditity of the group as a whole. Further more, each Sales group should only be associating within their own respective group and sharing of information should be through the group of their leads. That is to stress that their should not be any bi-lateral communication. All advancements would traverse through leads to upper groups and then if decided by the upper group, that very advancement would traverse down to the remaining channels.
Also, the solididy of a group would be independent of the solididy of the groups above or below, since lead of one group may not intervene or directly communicate with the groups below or ones above. Note a lead of group n is a follower of group n-1, and thus the groups n+1 and above and n-2 and below (if any) are being recommended as beyond the reach for direct communication.

To re emphasize, the overall strength of a members wing is dependant upon how well the groups under him are bonded as well as how much he is respected by the overall group members in the below level.

*avoiding unjustified union and easily being able to form justified union